Our Seven Picks For Who Should Direct ‘Captain Marvel 2’

A new report confirms that Marvel is hard at work on a sequel Captain Marvel, it’s a billion-dollar box office behemoth as of 2019. That’s not terribly surprising, given the rate at which this studio is churning out mini-franchises. Slightly more surprising is that Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, the writer/director duo that brought Captain Marvel on the screen, won’t care about what’s next. (Apparently Disney has other plans for them – possibly on a Disney+ series that has yet to be announced).

Instead, the film is written by Megan McDonnell, who is currently writing Wanda Vision for Disney+. A director has yet to be announced, though sources say Marvel is looking for a woman to helm the project.

While Marvel has received plenty of deserved criticism for its lack of gender representation among its directors, things are starting to change. In addition to Boden co-directing the first Captain Marvel, both of Marvel’s 2020 releases will be directed by women. Cate Shortland strikeout Black Widow and Chloé Zhao is working on Eternals. But who should be in charge of the Captain Marvel continued? Here are seven possibilities that we think would do a great job.

7. Jennifer Kent

Superhero movies have a long and proud history of attracting horror writers. Scott Derrickson (strange doctor)James Wan (Aquaman), James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy movies), Patty Jenkins (wonder woman) and many others cut their teeth in scary thrillers before turning to capes, so it makes sense for Jennifer Kent – ​​who directed The Babadook – to board the Marvel Universe. She’s a filmmaker who has a knack for integrating fantastical elements into everyday life.

6. Lexi Alexander

Here’s a piece of Marvel movie trivia you might not know about. Lexi Alexander was the first woman to direct a Marvel movie. In 2008, Punisher: Warzone was published as an entirely separate and unrelated entity in the same year Iron Man, and was considered a commercial and critical failure. But the years that followed were good, and the film developed a loyal cult following. Why not ask Alexander back and give her the budget and freedom she notoriously lacked for her first Marvel adventure?

5. Marielle Heller

Heller has already proven she knows how to make a hero movie with 2019 A beautiful day in the neighborhood. His loving, homemade character portraits could add genuine humanity and pathos between the Pan Pans that Marvel Studios has been perfecting for a long time.

4. Brie Larson

Hey, why not make it easy? Larson made her directorial debut in 2019 with Netflix Unicorn Storein which she also starred. It was a fun, whimsical effort starring Samuel L. Jackson that showed Larson had a knack for delightful visuals and quirky quirks that set his movies apart from the pack.

3. Lulu Wang

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Marvel likes to catch a burgeoning new talent and that’s exactly where Lulu Wang finds herself after her warmly welcomed Awkwafina vehicle. The farewell landed earlier this year. The studio tends to look for directors who are comfortable working with actors on a smaller, more intimate level — trusting its own collection of CGI experts and fight choreographers to handle superheroes. And based on The farewellthere are few directors more comfortable with tender, revealing dialogue than Wang.

2. Karyn Kusama

It’s disconcerting that Kusama doesn’t have more work. (Well no this disconcerting, as Hollywood’s difficulties in getting women behind the camera are well known). As the director of excellent feminist films like Jennifer’s body and Destructivethe Captain Marvel franchise seems tailor-made for his sensibility.

1. Olivia Wilde

by Wilde Library was about as good a Marvel movie audition as a feature debut can get. The film featured the kind of quick-fire comedy that’s been crucial to the MCU’s success and some extremely well-choreographed scenes that put many Hollywood filmmakers with much longer resumes to shame. Wilde has also shown interest in a superhero movie, so don’t be surprised if she’s at the top of Marvel’s Rolodex.

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