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For the editor:

In response to the letter entitled “Making better choices:” Human beings almost always have to justify their bad choices; it is easier to blame someone else or something else than to face the truth.

What the author said about some of the chemicals we put in our bodies today may be true and should be studied by doctors to prevent mental and physical problems in children and adults later in life. life.

The letter led me to believe that the author, for some reason, was trying to “to justify” why some children want to be of a different sex than their own. The author said: “You can ‘repent’ all you want, but if your brain chemistry has changed, it won’t matter.”

Too often people act on feelings instead of common sense. If a child “feels” the desire to change sex and that the parents agree to help them do so is stupidity. Take your God-given authority over your child and tell him: “It’s not going to happen; we love you just the way you are. Instead of parents teaching a child to scream by yelling at them; they should teach them life and hard love; but it takes time. The Bible says: “educate a child in the path he should follow and when he grows up he will not deviate from it”; don’t wait until they become teenagers to start training them.

There is hope because there are thousands of people of all ages and genders whose brains have been altered and who have become slaves to chemicals like legal and illegal drugs and alcohol, but they “have repented and been born again”. They have changed their lives and are now as God wanted them to be.

many believe “to repent” is a bad word but it is not. Jesus said: “Repent and believe the gospel.” We have all been given agency and inherited a sinful nature. This must change. We have to be born again spiritually. Accept and confess with your mouth Jesus Christ as your Savior and make Him the Lord of your life. Then study the Bible to renew your mind from a self-centered will to a God-centered will, then you “to know” the truth and the truth will set you free.

God can fix a chemically altered brain or change the heart of a self-centered sinner if we let Him.

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