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Product name – Phenol
HS Code – 290711
Molecular weight – 94.11 g/mol
Chemical formula – C6H6O
Synonyms – 108-95-2, Carbolic Acid, Hydroxybenzene, Carbolic Acid
Currency – US$ (data can also be provided in local currency)
Availability of supplier database – Yes
Scope of customization – Our services can be customized according to customer requirements
Post-Sales Analyst Support – 360-degree analyst support after service delivery

Region/Country for which data is available

Asia-Pacific: China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Iran, Thailand, South Korea, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Nepal, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Australia and New Zealand

Europe: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Finland, Czech Republic, Portugal and Greece

North America: United States and Canada

Latin America: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru

Africa: South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco

Phenol price request in real time:

Phenol is part of the aromatic family. In its purest form, phenol can be a solid that ranges in color from white to colorless. Phenol has a characteristic smell that is sickening, sweet and tarry. In addition, it serves as a necessary commercial input in the synthesis of bisphenol A.

Phenol is also called carbolic acid, hydroxybenzene and carbolic acid. The chemical formula of phenol is C6H6O and its molecular weight is 94.11 g/mol. Phenol is produced by benzene, propylene CG, cumene and toluene.

The main exporters of phenol are Japan, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, the United States and Germany. On the other hand, the main importers in the phenol market are Belgium, Slovakia, Israel and Spain.

Phenol Price Trend Key Details:

Procurement Resource performs in-depth price trend analysis to present monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual phenol price information in its latest pricing dashboard. The detailed assessment thoroughly explores facts about the product, price trends over weeks, months, and years, key players, industry uses, and drivers driving the market, and price trends.

Each price record is linked to an easy-to-use charting device from 2014, which offers a series of features; customization of currencies and price units and downloading price information as Excel files for offline use.

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Phenol price chart, pricing database and analysis can prove invaluable for purchasing managers, directors and decision makers to develop their strongly substantiated strategic ideas to achieve progress and profitability in the industry. ‘company.

Industrial uses impacting phenol price trend:

The price trend of phenol is influenced by its industrial uses, including its use in plastics and explosives, in the manufacture of drugs such as aspirin. Additionally, phenol is used in the creation of sunscreens, hair coloring treatments, and skin lightening creams.

Main market players:

Shell Chemical Co.
INEOS Phenol GmbH
Compañía Española de Petroleos, SAU
Mitsui Chemicals Inc.
Kumho P&B Chemicals, Inc.
LG Chem Ltd.
Taiwan Prosperity Chemical Corporation
Honeywell International Inc.
Solvay S.A.

News and Events:

November 09, 2021: There has been a new development in plasmonic sensors for phenol and its derivatives.

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