PNP chief in paris: avoid drugs


GEN. Guillermo Eléazar. PHOTO BY RENÉ H. DILAN

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar has warned candidates against colluding with illegal drug unions to secure funds and increase their chances in next year’s election.

Eleazar on Saturday warned of “the possibility of drug unions funding the campaign of some candidates in exchange for protection” once elected, citing past cases where some local officials have been arrested for their involvement in illegal drugs .

He cited the case of a mayor of Quezon province who was arrested in 2001 for transporting nearly 500 kilograms of shabu using a government ambulance as well as the June incident where a former mayor of the town of Maguindanao was arrested for possession of a cache of guns and over 200,000 P of illegal drugs.

“Exploitation of illegal drugs is a lucrative business, and we don’t rule out the possibility that some stray candidates will use it to raise funds or that drug unions offer campaign donations in exchange for some protection. times elected. We will not allow that. So I asked our anti drug group PNP and our intelligence group to look closely at such a possibility, ”Eleazar said.

“I warn candidates not to invest in illegal drugs because I will expose you personally and take the initiative to file the disqualification and the corresponding cases when we have gathered enough evidence against you,” he said. added.

“I will not let all of the hard work and sacrifice of the PNP in our aggressive campaign against illegal drugs go to waste,” Eleazar said.

More than 64 billion shabu pesos have been seized while 307,521 illicit drug figures, including 13,244 high value targets, have been arrested as part of the campaign against illegal drugs since 2016.

Last month, operations by several law enforcement agencies, led by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), resulted in the confiscation of more than 5.5 billion shabu pesos and the arrest of at least 11 major drug traffickers, including the main contact of an international drug union, in a series of operations in Zambales, Bataan and Cavite.

Eleazar praised the police anti-narcotics unit for participating in a PDEA-led operation in Cavite which resulted in the confiscation of over a billion shabu pesos and the arrest of suspects Jorlan San Jose, 26 years old; Joseph Maurin, 38 years old; and Joan Lumanog, 27.

He also congratulated the newly installed director of the Central Visayas regional police office, Brig. General Roque Eduardo Vega, for the seizure of nearly 41.5 million shabu pesos during two separate operations in Cebu province.

“Our successful anti-drug operations are in full swing and I have called on our police commanders down to city and town level to further step up the campaign by regularly updating old and new drug personalities. in their respective areas, ”Eleazar said.


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