PNP reviews rejected drug cases for better operations and accountability


MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine National Police leadership revealed on Monday that it has ordered the counting of all cleared drug cases since 2016, when the government launched its “war on drugs,” and see where adjustments can be made. be brought to anti-drug police operations.

“Having data and information on these drug cases dismissed since the start of the war on drugs in 2016 would really help the PNP leadership to determine the interventions needed to ensure that the courts’ rejection of drug cases filed by the police to be avoided in the future. Police General Guillermo Eleazar, head of the PNP, said.

The police chief said the PNP aims to improve the conviction rate, especially in drug-related cases, noting that a higher conviction rate would reflect the success of the campaign against illegal drugs.

He added that the PNP also wants to identify the police personnel who caused the dismissal by committing irregularities in the conduct of illegal anti-drug operations and weakening the prosecution’s evidence.

Eleazar admitted the possibility that some police officers were involved with the accused and causing the rejection of the drug cases.

“If we have good accounting of closed cases, we will be able to track who among our staff is involved in corruption,” he said.

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PNP contested: investigating cops for planting drugs

It comes after Branch 64 of the Makati Magistrates’ Court dismissed the drug case against FlipTop rapper Marlon Peroramas, also known as Loonie, for “unwarranted deviation” from the chain of custody rule by the officer who made the arrest.

Following the dismissal of the drug case, Peroramas said he was considering filing counter-charges against the police, noting that drugs that the police said they recovered had been deposited with him.

Eleazar said he welcomed the move, saying Peroramas had the right to do so.

In a video message posted on his official page, the rapper challenged the PNP to investigate the police officers who filed drug charges against him.

“What we humbly and respectfully ask your office to pay attention and action to these issues and I hope that an investigation will be opened against those involved in our case,” Loonie said.

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“Winning the war on drugs”?

Eleazar pointed out that since the start of the “war on drugs” in July 2016, more arrests of drug offenders have been recorded. Government data shows that 289,622 drug suspects have been arrested in 200,632 illegal anti-drug operations.

However, the police’s own figures also recognize more than 6,000 fatalities in operations. Rights groups estimate the actual number of drug-related murders could reach 30,000.

Of the cases handled by the internal affairs department of the police, only 53 that are marked as resolved have been turned over to the Ministry of Justice for investigation. The PNP organization says this is proof of its willingness to cooperate.

“The conviction of all these arrested drug suspects would prove that we are winning the war on drugs and that it has effectively curbed the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country,” Eleazar said.

In 2020, however, crystal or shabu methamphetamines were still the cause of the highest number of arrests and treatment admissions in the Philippines, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime found in a report. .

Citing figures from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Dangerous Drugs Board, UNODC said shabu “remains the main drug of concern in the Philippines” with only one year under the Duterte administration.

According to the government’s Real Numbers PH information campaign, 13,400 barangays are yet to be classified as “drug-free” out of 42,045.

The president’s landslide victory in 2016 was based, among other things, on ambitious pledges to end drugs and crime in the first six months of his tenure. He then asked for a six-month extension which he also did not respect.

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