Police destroy millions of dollars in illegal drugs


By Carlena Chevalier

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A large quantity of illegal drugs worth more than $ 2 million was set alight at the quarry in Burma on Friday in the first drug burn exercise of the year.

Police and other law enforcement officials witnessed the event, which was also witnessed by firefighters on standby in case of a contingency as cannabis, hashish and cocaine were destroyed.

“We destroyed here this morning 505 and a half pounds of cannabis with an estimated market value of two million twenty-two hundred thousand dollars. We also had hashish which so far weighed 9.3 pounds which in itself has a market value of $ 93 and also cocaine which is worth 342 grams of cocaine which itself has a market value of eleven thousand. nine hundred and seventy dollars, ”Acting Deputy Police Superintendent Frankie Thomas said.

This is the first drug destruction exercise of the year and is a slight decrease from the overall value of $ 3.36 million last year.

These illegal drugs were seized at the main points of entry – Deep Water Harbor and VC Bird International Airport – the General Post Office and following cases that arose before the Magistrates’ Court.

Thomas thanked all law enforcement officials for their work in confiscating these items.

He said it was imperative that the authorities continue to work together to continue the fight to get illegal drugs off the streets.

“The work continues even in this pandemic. The police are engaged in the task at hand. It’s not easy to watch right now. Of course, we depend on the Coast Guard of the Antigua and Barbuda Defense Forces to assist us in the maritime sector and for us to be successful it must be a collaborative and cohesive effort of all agencies responsible for l ‘Law enforcement working together to ensure that we stay on top of things so I must also applaud the efforts of the ABDF, ”said Thomas.

“I just want to ask the general public to at least keep passing on information when they see something suspicious. It doesn’t necessarily have to be drug related, but any criminal activity they see to convey the information. We made Crime Stoppers work so that people don’t have to worry about their safety when giving out information because you will remain anonymous, ”he added.

People with relevant information can call 1-800-TIPS.


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