“Prohibition is a very profitable business”

Raul Zaffaroni defended this Wednesday the legalization of drugs in Argentina. In statements to AM750, the former Supreme Court Justice claimed that “prohibition is a very profitable business” and assured that “dirty money is laundered in tax havens”.

Zaffaroni argues that “the drug prohibition is a very profitable businessbecause “when we decide to ban any toxin that is demanded by large groups of users, the demand does not decrease, it remains rigid”.

Discussions about the ban spark more curiosity and more demand. So, by reducing the supply, limiting it and contracting it with the prohibition, the price of the illicit distribution service increases, ”said the former judge of the Supreme Court of Justice in an op-ed published in AM750.

October Group Eugenio Zaffaroni

The main risk we run is that of becoming a triangulation point to other markets,” Zaffaroni warned.. In addition, he recalled that the cocaine business “leaves very little in Latin America but the main profit is produced in the territory of the northern country, where there is an oiled distribution network”.

“Dirty money is laundered in tax havens that we all know where they are, but no one is doing anything to remove them,” he noted. And he stressed that “IProhibition, in reality, is not intended to prevent the circulation of cocaine, but rather to regulate it. “We can discuss marijuana, but when it comes to the cocaine trade, our opinion is worthless because our country is bound by international treaties to produce it,” he said.

The adulterated cocaine case

The former judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights claimed that he had not previously spoken about the case of the adulterated cocaine that killed 24 people “Because in difficult times, misunderstandings at that time are not healthy at all.”

“The first thing to note is that when a toxic substance is prohibited, such as its circulation or its marketing, it becomes illegal, there can be no quality control on what the user consumes”, he said. points out. And added that “the consumer can buy and use anything without really knowing what he is buying.

The case of Dry Law in the United States

Zaffaroni compared the situation with Prohibition in the United States, which was in effect between 1920 and 1933. “It happened on a large scale in the days of the US dry law. The ban on alcohol in the north of the country has caused the death and blindness of hundreds of people,” she said.

Moreover, he recalled that “at that time they consumed ethyl alcohol because they did not know what they were buying”. “The same thing happens with cocaine: to get a higher profit, the cocaine hydrochloride that is sold is never pure, but mixed with other substances,” the former judge said.

Finally, he indicated that “it is not worth discussing the forecast until a major international debate is open”. “But so far, internationally, the scandal, although obvious, does not provoke a reaction,” he lamented.

“No one is kicking the board and us, to be clear we can’t kick it from our place, but at least it’s good to be informed. All of this has very little to do with health and life, but it has to do with business and the profit that comes from the new alchemy of prohibition, which can make gold out of any shit,” a- he declared.

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