Raigad politician in spotlight on drug seizure in Nye | Navi Mumbai News


Navi Mumbai: The criminal branch of Navi Mumbai will now question a prominent politician about an illegal drug factory that was operating in Pezari village of Alibaug taluka in Raigad district. More than 2.5 kg of MD drugs (methaqualone powder) were seized and three people were arrested last Thursday. The illegal factory was raided just as the drug shipment was on its way to be delivered to a farm in the village of Nere in Panvel taluka. The drug is estimated at 2.53 crore rupees.
Those arrested are Kalim Rafiq Khamkar (39 years old), Zaki Afroz Pittu (33 years old) and Subhash Raghupati Patil (40 years old). Based on information, Unit 3 of the Navi Mumbai Criminal Branch, the Anti-Narcotics Unit and the Human Trafficking Unit set a trap for Khamkar who was carrying 1.1 kg of MD powder. in a plastic bag in a car on his way to the delivery. in Néré. His accomplices were also arrested.
During a police raid, 500 grams each of MD powder were seized from Pittu and Patil while another 500 grams were found kept in a tumble dryer. Patil, who had a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, had worked in a chemical company and gained expertise in the manufacture of drugs. He had started manufacturing drugs illegally months ago.
According to sources, the illegal factory was operated from farm-like land in the village of Pezari, linked to a high-level political family from Alibaug. The drugs were supposed to be delivered to a farm in Nere for the New Year’s party. The owner of the farm is also being scanned.
Police suspicions grew even stronger, with the head of a political family Pezari not returning from his trip to Kashmir. The man is a staunch supporter of the politician under scanner.
“The progress of the investigation into the drug case will be reviewed on Monday. The owner of the land where the illegal factory operated will be questioned. No one will be spared in this case, ”said Suresh Mengade, DCP-crime, Navi Mumbai Police.


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