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RAIPUR: With the increase in dengue cases in Raipur, doctors from the Indian Medical Association have called on people to stay alert and avoid mosquito attacks during the day.
Doctors also urged people to take precautions when applying ointments and watching standing water nearby.
Raipur Indian Medical Association President Dr Vikas Agarwal said most mosquito-borne diseases are spread during the rainy season and dengue is one of them. to prevent the formation of larvae.
Dr Agarwal said citizens should know how to recognize the symptoms of dengue. Among the symptoms, the patient is likely to have a high fever, headache; some people vomit or itch.
Doctors said that patients with dengue fever should see a doctor without delay. A low platelet count in internal parts of the body can lead to bleeding and low blood pressure.
Dr Agrawal said dengue is a viral fever and patients usually recover within five days, when the fever begins to drop. Sometimes it takes around 10 days and special care and adjustments in the diet. You should not take intoxicants and consume nutritious food and more than three liters of water.


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