Rana Sanaullah made serious allegations against ARY NewsSEXI News

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has made serious allegations against ARY News and accused ARY News of “being part of the conspiracy”, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

Rana Sanaullah spoke at a press conference following the arrest of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Dr Shahbaz Gill and alleged that ARY News facilitated Shahbaz Gill, who created a “ controversial narrative” against the institutions.

He alleged that Gill’s statement was completely scripted as he delivered the speech without any interruptions. The Home Secretary said the role of Gill and ARY News was being reviewed.

Sanaullah said that in addition to exposing the “madness” of the PTI, those responsible for ARY News would soon be exposed. He alleged that PTI chief Imran Khan hatched an alleged plot with a private channel, which is a sensitive issue and those responsible will be arrested.

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Sanaullah said in his press conference that Dr Shahbaz Gill had been arrested under the law. He justified the arrest of the head of the PTI, Dr. Shahbaz Gill. He said a case had been filed against Gill at Kohsar Police Station in Islamabad.

He said Gill would appear in court on Wednesday morning.

Intoxicants could have been stored in his vehicle, but we will not do such a disgraceful act as the previous PTI government,” he said. Nothing illegal will be done to Gill and legal action will be taken against him.

Sanaullah criticized the malicious social media campaign against national institutions following the Lasbela military helicopter crash. “A narrative was created as part of a plot which was written in a meeting chaired by Imran Khan. A private channel and its management were involved in the plot.

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The Home Secretary alleged that Shahbaz Gill and Fawad Chaudhry were responsible for spreading the story and that they are trying to start a rebellion among officers of a certain rank. He rejected the PTI leader’s statement in which he characterized Gill’s arrest as a kidnapping.

He said the PTI is thoroughly involved in foreign funding and Toshakhana cases and faces public criticism.

He further alleged that the controversial “narrative” was read by Gill, which could not be repeated in front of the media in the national interest. Rana Sanaullah alleged that the malicious social media campaign would be led by PTI.

Sanaullah said Gill’s voice was being broadcast through ARY News and the government would track down Gill and the figures behind the private news channel. Regarding the deployment of police in Islamabad, he said provinces cannot send police teams to Islamabad without formal permission.


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