Sanoma Oyj: commits to respecting age limit for TV programs – protects children and young people from harmful content

Sanoma is committed to respecting the directives issued by the National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) and the law on audiovisual programs, which aims to protect children from the negative impacts of films and television programs, for example.

Audiovisual programs are classified by the Audiovisual Programs Act in Finland and are supervised by the Department for Media Education and Audiovisual Media (MEKU) of the National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI).

In Finland, content subject to an age limit includes drama and scripted comedies, while programs containing exclusively educational, sports or musical material are not rated. Live broadcasts are also exempt from classification and labeling.

The age limit is determined by the amount of harmful content contained in the film, television program or game. According to the law on audiovisual programs, such content includes violence, sexual or anxiety-inducing content and consumption of intoxicants. There are a total of 37 criteria. Note that the negative impact on children has only been assessed if an age range has been specified for the program. A program rated for all ages does not mean that it is a children’s program but that there is no child-damaging content in the program.

In its publishing operations, Sanoma uses the notation in the KAVI database. In Finland, all those responsible for assessing the age limits of programs are trained by KAVI and have classification qualifications. Sanoma cooperates with KAVI, in addition to which KAVI trains Sanoma employees engaged in such activities.

Ads must also meet the age rating limit. TV advertising is assigned at specific times of the day depending on the campaign structure and method of purchase. For example, alcohol ads are only sold to programs aimed at 25-45 year olds, and these ads only appear after 10 p.m.

In Finland, the Advertising Ethics Council supervises advertising in accordance with the Marketing Code of the International Chamber of Commerce and, if necessary, issues statements if the advertising is contrary to accepted moral principles. Sanoma undertakes to respect these marketing rules.

Well-known symbols indicate the age limits and the content of audiovisual programs. They help tutors choose movies, TV shows and games suitable for their children. A program rated for all ages does not mean that it is a children’s program but that there is no child-damaging content in the program. Content symbols, on the other hand, indicate harmful content that results in the age limit. Photo: KAVI

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This article is part of a series on sustainable media. The next parts will be published every week. In line with Sanoma’s sustainable development strategy, Sanoma is committed to wWe provide trusted Finnish journalism and inspiring entertainment, now and in the future.

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