Seven months after death of prisoner, report shows ‘toxins in body’ | News from Meerut

The prison authority also released a statement questioning the report’s findings.

MUZAFFARNAGAR: Months after the death of an inmate in prison due to chest pains, as then claimed by prison officials, a new investigation to understand the cause of his death has been ordered by the authority prison after the report on the viscera of the ongoing trial fell into the public domain.
The prison authority also issued a statement questioning the report’s findings.
On December 27, Mohd Zakir, 48, at first instance (for attempted murder), imprisoned in saharpur two months in prison, complained of “chest pains”. He was taken to medical school where he died.
Seven months later, his viscera report revealed “methyl ethyl alcohol toxins in his body”.
After which, prison superintendent Amita Dubey raised questions.
“The report does not mention the amount of trace amounts of methanol. Also, the doctors who made the report are orthopedists and doctors stationed at the community health center, they are not forensic / post-mortem experts “, Dubey said.
“It’s entirely possible that Zakir used homeopathy and that’s why traces of alcohol were present. But still, we’ll investigate the evolution,” Dubey added.
Saharpur District Magistrate (DM), Akilesh Singhhas also become aware of the case and is considering steps to open an investigation to find out if alcohol was consumed inside the prison.
“I’m gathering more information. The National Human Rights Commission is already aware of this incident,” the SM said.


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