Sha’Carri Richardson confirms failed drug test “today”

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America’s fastest woman, Sha’Carri Richardson, won’t be able to compete in her flagship event at the Tokyo Olympics because she failed a drug test. Appearing on friday Today show, the 21-year-old fire-emoji sprinter confirmed she tested positive for THC, a chemical found in marijuana, after gleefully winning her 100-meter race in the Olympic Trials final on June 20. She was automatically disqualified from the race when she was tested. positive; as a result, she will not be allowed to compete in the scoreboard, commonly referred to as the “World’s Fastest Woman” race, in Tokyo. “I want to take responsibility for my actions,” said Richardson Today. “I know what I did. I know what I’m supposed to do, I have the right not to do it, and I made that decision anyway. I’m not looking for any excuses or empathy. Don’t judge me for being human. It was suspended by Team USA for 30 days, which took effect on June 28.

Richardson, who pointed out that “there would never be a steroid attached” to her name, said she turned to marijuana after the “triggering and shocking” death of her birth mother. The death, which Richardson learned from a reporter, put her in a “state of emotional panic” over the news. “From there I was just blinded by the emotions, blinded by the bad news, blinded by just hiding my pain, honestly for the fact that I can’t hide, so at least somehow way, I was trying to hide my pain, “she said. “As much as I am disappointed, I know that when I get on the track I don’t just represent myself, I represent a community that has shown great support, great love… I apologize for not knowing how to control my emotions or manage my emotions during this time. She added, for her fans, “Don’t judge me. I am human, I am you. I just run a little faster.

Due to the length of her 30-day suspension, there is still a chance, albeit small, that Richardson could still compete in the women’s 4×100-meter relay at the Olympics alongside her fastest teammates on Team USA. New York Time reports that the relay decision would rest with USA Track & Field, the sport’s national governing body. In a statement, the organization said Richardson’s failed drug test was “incredibly unfortunate and devastating for everyone involved.”

After Richardson Today interview, several prominent athletes and celebrities tweeted their support for the sprinter; they also condemned USA Track & Field for implementing the THC ban. “The idea that weed is a problematic ‘drug’ is rooted in racism. It’s crazy that the United States team disqualifies one of the most talented athletes in this country for thinking he is rooted in hatred, ”noted Seth Rogen, stoner wrote. “This is something they should be ashamed of. And if weed made you fast, I’d be FloJo. Megan Rapinoe, the decorated footballer, wrote: “It’s garbage. It’s outdated.” Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes also agreed that the decision was “so garbage”. Read on for more answers.

This article has been updated with statements on social media in support of Richardson.

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