Singapore companies take first step towards bunker methanol

SeaTech Solutions, Singfar International and the Methanol Institute to Collaborate to Identify Critical Methanol Bunkering Needs in Singapore

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, Jan. 31, 2022 / — SeaTech Solutions, Singfar International and Methanol Institute (MI) have agreed to collectively conduct a study that will assess current gaps in operating procedures, infrastructure and equipment at bunker vessels in Singapore that will need to be filled for the safe conduct of methanol bunkering operations in Singapore.

As the international shipping industry pursues its decarbonization plans under the mandate of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), various alternative fuels and technologies are being explored to reduce the environmental footprint of ships. Methanol has been identified as a viable alternative fuel that can be deployed today to reduce emissions from the shipping industry. As a clean-burning liquid fuel, methanol can immediately reduce shipboard emissions. When methanol is produced from renewable feedstocks such as carbon dioxide and agricultural residues, it becomes a very low carbon and potentially carbon neutral fuel for ships. This has led to growing interest in methanol as a marine fuel. Currently, methanol-burning dual-fuel vessels are already plying the world’s trade routes, and other newly announced new builds are expected to be in service in the near future.

As a global bunker hub, Singapore will need to develop the capacity, expertise and facilities to store different alternative fuels, including methanol. Currently, there is no dedicated bunker standard for methanol in Singapore. The IMO previously published the Interim Guidelines for the Safety of Ships Using Methyl/Ethyl Alcohol as Fuel, which set out key considerations for methanol bunkering operations. Lloyd’s Register has also published its Methanol Bunkering Technical Reference which provides guidance on the safe bunkering of methanol with checklists to assist shipowners, operators, ports and bunker suppliers. Despite international experience with bunkering methanol in other ports, the parties to the MoU recognized that local circumstances and regulations in Singapore will need to be taken into account to ensure procedures are suitable for safe bunkering. and efficient use of methanol in the largest bunkering hub in the world.

The study will have three components. The parties will identify benchmark cases for methanol bunkering in other ports and review existing recommendations for methanol bunkering to assess changes needed to adapt methanol bunkering procedures to the Singaporean context. Singfar International has also identified ‘MT HANTEK 3’ from its fleet of bunker vessels which SeaTech Solutions will assess and identify gaps to propose necessary modifications and engineering work required for the vessel to be able to bunker methanol. Finally, SeaTech Solutions will prepare a conversion specification and conceptual design for the methanol bunker vessel, based on its recommendations for the “MT HANTEK 3”, for an approval-in-principle submission.

This study will serve as the basis for the development of standards and procedures for methanol bunkering in Singapore and will strengthen Singapore’s position as a global bunkering hub, providing shipowners with continued confidence.


Sea Tech solutions

Singapore-based SeaTech has built a solid reputation for vessel design and engineering excellence since its inception in 2000. Its compendium of over 380 unique designs showcases extensive expertise, innovation and technology. , propelling the company as a marine and offshore center of excellence, offering a full range of in-house skills, from design to engineering and consultancy. To date, more than 640 vessels operating worldwide carry the SeaTech mark of energy efficiency, safety and reliability.

Singfar International

Singfar International Pte Ltd is in the business of sustainable shipping logistics. It designs and builds green ships and provides commercial and technical management of ship fleets.

Methanol Institute

The Methanol Institute (MI) serves as the global trade association for the methanol industry, representing the world’s leading producers, distributors and technology companies. Founded in 1989 in Washington DC, MI now represents its members from five offices around the world in Washington DC, Beijing, Brussels, Delhi and Singapore.

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