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Tougher penalties are needed

I respond to Sound Off (about the front page story of Saturday, December 18) “Social media threats lead to arrest.” Big deal. What good is the arrest? All the child faces is suspension or expulsion from school outside of school. Oh good? What kind of punishment is this? He or she gets away with it anyway. We must enforce the law, go see a criminal judge. If he can’t go to a juvenile center for a month or two, then have him clean the highways every weekend so they can learn their lesson. You’re not going to teach him a lesson by suspending him from school and throwing him out. I totally disagree. You have to come up with a harsher sanction than that, especially in today’s world with what’s going on.

Sheriff’s office stops speeders

Get more from the Citrus County Chronicle

I reply to the place where it says “CCSO does not stop speeders” (Saturday December 18, page A8, Sound Off), that the police department does not stop speeders. I’ll say they stop the speeders. I live on Croft Avenue and many times they’ve put speed cameras in to stop people. I just want to thank Mike (Prendergast), the sheriff, and his department and his men involved in arresting people and drugs and everything. I appreciate it. I thank him and what his law enforcement officers do. Thank you and God bless you.

Changing the speed limit

I think the speed limit on Croft’s Gulf-to-Lake highway past Walmart shouldn’t be 50. It should be maybe 40. You’ve got people coming out, people coming in. as those highways were.

Be tough on criminals

This Sound Off is about the Citrus County crime. Citrus County needs to establish a reputation for being tough on criminal violations. There are too many – appearances, parole, firearm offenses – and not enough bail, tougher sentences for illegal drug offenses. People who use illegal drugs need help. However, if that fails, harsher penalties will also be imposed.

Prisoners should work on the highways

Do we have a county bylaw that says prisoners cannot work on our highways? Our tourists get off Interstate 75 and go through Hernando. If you want to impress the sightseeing, clean (State Road) 200. It looks like a third world country. That’s a shame. I’m an 83 year old widow and wanted to stop my car and grab a bag and clean the sides of the road. I am embarrassed and a long time resident of this county.

Post more arrest photos

For my part, as a reader of the Chronicle, I ask for more photos, more photos of the inhabitants who fly. Why can’t he, if someone is arrested for stealing a bicycle, is it possible to have their photo in the newspaper? We need more photos. Put their photos there – no matter how serious the crime is to get their photo out – but put their photos there so the people in the neighborhood know who these people are. Let everyone know that.

I like to read the newspaper

… The Chronicle is a balanced newspaper that presents its news right in the middle. It’s a local newspaper and I love the local news and the “positivity”, the positive things that the Chronicle presents… The Chronicle is a fair newspaper and puts the news right in the middle. Have a nice day.


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