Steven Moy killed in golf cart crash on Cavalry Dr in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas – On June 6, 2021, Steven Moy, a 38-year-old passenger, was killed in a golf cart crash on Cavalry Drive in Fair Oaks Ranch.

Authorities say the incident happened just before midnight on Cavalry Drive near Jodhpur Drive. Preliminary investigation suggests the golf cart was heading east on Cavalry’s 8800 block when its passengers attempted to tip it back in an attempt to blow it up. In the process, the passengers then allegedly jumped off the cart, causing Steven Moy’s head to be struck.

Moy was rushed to an area hospital where he succumbed to his injuries on Thursday, June 10. The driver of the truck was charged with DWI – Open Container.

No further information is currently available.

Commentary on Steven Moy’s Golf Cart Crash on Cavalry Drive at Fair Oaks Ranch

It is always serious when the police think the poisoning may have caused an accident. Since they blamed the driver for DWI, one would assume his passengers were also weakened to some extent – at least enough to think that forcing a moving golf cart onto a wheelie was a bit of fun and harmlessness.

While it is true that intoxication was a direct causal factor in the tragic death of the victim, it is important to determine where this alcohol came from. Some may not immediately grasp the importance of this factor since the intoxication is more or less the same regardless of who supplied the intoxicants, but Texas soft drink stores law beg to differ.

Under the Liquor Stores Act, a licensed liquor vendor who sells or serves alcohol to a obviously intoxicated no one can then be held legally responsible for any injury they cause or suffer. Not only does this law hold negligent businesses accountable for reckless over-servicing, it can also be an important source of help for victims and affected families.

When the authorities ignore this possible factor, it creates an imbalance. The allegedly intoxicated driver spends his day in court as victims and families work to pick up the pieces. Is it really fair that a company that contributes to all of this chaos gets away with it unscathed, continuing to put lives at risk through its reckless behavior, just because no one bothered to investigate them? This is why the soft drink store law is so important, and I can’t help but wonder if anyone has looked into this possible problem here.


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