Subjects spotted entering cars at Ryan Creeks Apartments

MECOSTA COUNTY – Deputies from the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

Not all calls may be signaled.

Friday February 4

• Fraud has been reported in the 4000 block of Second Street in Sheridan Township. A man received a phone call saying they were from McAfee Corp. and that he had a virus on his computer. He gave them access to his computer and later found out it wasn’t McAfee. It is not known if the scammer was able to access any personal information.

• An abandoned vehicle was reported near US 131 and Perry Avenue. A vehicle was parked in the turning lane with no one around. The vehicle was towed.

• A servant has been reported in the 200 block of North Cass Street in Aetna Township. A sheriff’s deputy received conflicting stories about who started and who assaulted whom. The parties were separated and the case was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review.

• An abandoned vehicle was reported on 70th Avenue near 11 Mile Road in Morton Township. A man left his truck in the middle of the northbound lane as he went to get gas. He returned to the scene at the same time as the tow truck. He was cited for lack of insurance, driving without a license and an open intoxicant in the vehicle. The vehicle was towed.

• A break and enter has been reported at Ryan Creeks Apartments in Big Rapids Township. Three subjects were seen on camera pulling on car door handles and could be seen getting into at least one car. The sheriff’s deputy followed the footprints through the snow and it appeared the subjects had stopped at almost every car.

Saturday February 5

• A traffic stop without a plate was carried out on Fourth Avenue near Cass Street. The stop resulted in the arrest of a passenger on four misdemeanor warrants.

• A traffic stop was made near the office of the Secretary of State. The arrest, without insurance, resulted in the driver being subpoenaed for driving with a suspended license – third offence.

• A disorderly woman has escaped from Little Caesars. The woman was not happy that her order was screwed up.

• A traffic stop for speeding was carried out on Northland Drive near 19 Mile Road. The arrest resulted in a summons to the driver for speeding and without a valid driver’s license.

Sunday February 6

• A civil matter has been reported at Campus Creek Townhomes & Cottages in Big Rapids Township. A caller woke up to find his car missing in the parking lot. She later found out that it had been towed away by management along with a few other people who had called to say their vehicles had also been stolen.

• A traffic stop was made on 16 Mile Road near Bronson Avenue in the Township of Big Rapids. The driver received a ticket for driving while his license was suspended.

• A traffic stop was made near 19 Mile Road and Northland Drive. The stoppage resulted in the driver not being quoted on insurance.

• Malicious destruction of property has been reported in the 2000 block of 172nd Avenue in Deerfield Township. An unknown vehicle drove through the field and ditches during the night. The vehicle hit a pole in the driveway, leaving car parts behind.

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