Sunday Funday: the virus prevails in court

Rachel Maddow analyzes the SCOTUS judgment: (4 minutes)

Who would have ever believed it? In a case involving public health against those who want fools to spread a killer virus, those on the side of the killer virus have won. I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that Covid Kim Reynolds squarely put Iowa with the virus. Hasn’t she more than worn out her welcome?

Decidedly Louise there, Covid Kim, we are not asking much. Maybe helping keep Iowans alive should be more important than corporate profits. Well, somewhere anyway. And she wonders why no one is knocking on doors in Iowa to get into Iowa. Come and benefit from small salaries AND covid! Iowa’s Double Daily.

A) Quebec seems to have found an excellent incentive for people to get vaccinated. The incentive was to cut non-vaxxers off from what?

B) What? Has anyone been arrested for sedition during the January 6 coup? The leader of which group was arrested for sedition on Thursday?

C) Surprisingly, in the SCOTUS Decision on Mandatory Vaccines on Thursday, which group of workers did SCOTUS acknowledge having to have mandatory vaccinations?

D) Tomorrow is MLK day. How many siblings did MLK have?

E) Many celebrity deaths in the past week. Perhaps most surprisingly, which man played Danny Tanner in “Full House”?

F) In medicine, an American man was the first to receive an interspecies heart transplant. What species did the heart come from?

G) Kayleigh McEnany was interviewed by the January 6 committee. What was his position in the previous administration?

H) During a Senate committee hearing, which senator bullied Dr. Anthony Fauci, accusing Fauci of various controversial acts?

I) In which state did the Supreme Court rule that the recut maps were too gerrymandered endgame the legislature 10 days to correct them?

J) In Australia, it looks like the Australian Tennis Open will have to start without top player Novak Djokovic who refuses to do what?

K) Due to the pandemic, winter weather conditions and personnel limitations, the national supply of what is in critical shortage?

L) California Governor Gavin Newsome refused to release Sirhan Sirhan from prison. Sirhan is in jail for murdering which politician?

M) How many times was MLK imprisoned during his life?

N) Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds offered a big break for Iowa’s wealthy, calling for a flat tax set at what percentage?

O) Which British royal has lost all his titles and may face trial in New York as a private citizen?

P) One more on MLK. The assassination attempt that cost him his life was the 2nd assassination attempt. The first was in Harlem a decade earlier where he was doing what?

Q) New neighborhoods are coming out that will represent pioneering women. Which woman will be on the first?

A) Following negotiations with the teachers union regarding teaching during the pandemic, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced she has what?

S) Which NPR host made headlines when the former president hung up on him in the middle of an interview?

T) Dr. Anthony Fauci allegedly called this US senator a “moron” after a truly senseless questioning during a committee hearing last week?

Turns out the safest place to hide after committing a crime is a Republican caucus. – John Collins


A) access to alcohol and marijuana. It appears that the province controls who can obtain such intoxicants. No vax, no booze.

B) Keepers of the oath

C) Healthcare workers. Covid Kim shouted about it.

D) 2 – an older sister and a younger brother

E) Bob Saget

F) a genetically modified pig.

G) She was a spokesperson. She is the second from this position to appear before the committee.

H) Rand Paul. Much of what Paul said was false and inflammatory.

I) Ohio – based on the Ohio Constitution

J) get vaccinated against Covid.

K) Blood. We now have less than a day’s supply.

L)Robert F. Kennedy

M) 29

N) 4%

O) Prince (?) Andrew

P) make a dedication

Q) Maya Angelou


S) Steve Inskeep.

T) Roger Marshall of Kansas. I agree with Fauci. Marshall was pestering Fauci about his salary which Marshall said was secret. It’s not.

What is missing in the media coverage of inflation is the recognition that the upward price trend is a GLOBAL phenomenon, fueled by the pandemic. It minimizes the fact that record systemic inflation is occurring in virtually ALL major economies. – Jon Cooper

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