Syracuse Police Department seeks teens and young adults to join new junior cadet program

Syracuse, NY – Syracuse police have responded to 40% more shootings with injuries over the past year, but at the same time struggled to get more cops out on the streets, a spokesperson said. of the department.

In order to attract, train, and retain city residents as future police officers, the city is getting creative by introducing a new junior cadet program.

City of Syracuse residents between the ages of 16 and 24 with a high school diploma or GED—and who want to become a police officer—can apply for the program.

Nominations are expected on Friday.

Applicants must have no felony convictions, have not used any illegal drugs in the past three years, nor have they used Adderall illegally in the past year, the spokesperson said. Syracuse Police, Lt. Matthew Malinowski. Applicants must also agree to take the Onondaga County “Deputy Police/Sheriff’s Officer” civil service exam when eligible, he said.

“It’s a recruiting effort,” Malinowski said. “It’s hard to sustain someone’s interest in law enforcement after they graduate from high school until they’re eligible to take the police exam.”

You must be at least 19.5 years old to take the police test.

“It’s a critical moment, where sometimes mistakes are made,” Malinowski said. “We try to be a good influence on them and try to prevent them from getting involved in crimes or using drugs that would prevent them from becoming police officers.”

The 50-week Junior Cadet Program includes 20 hours per week of classroom instruction and physical training, and 20 hours per week of work experience throughout the police department.

“There is law enforcement training and they will be performing duties around the public safety building which will hopefully alleviate some of the workload for officers and manpower. civilian work,” Malinowski said. “There is also a fitness component in the cadet program, so they have to be physically ready.

Cadets will earn $13 per hour for training and $13.20 per hour for work experience. Upon completion of the program, cadets will be eligible for a full-time civilian position with the Syracuse Police Department, until they are accepted as a police recruit at the Syracuse Regional Police Academy. Syracuse, Malinowski said.

“We are looking for a diverse group,” he said.

The Syracuse Police Department currently has more than three dozen police officer openings, but only a handful of recruits are expected to be sworn in this week, Malinowski said.

“We try to get officers out on the streets as quickly as possible, but it’s been a challenge for us in general to recruit officers,” he said. “We realize that law enforcement is not a popular profession…

“I think there’s been a national narrative that has painted law enforcement in a largely negative light and that’s just reduced people’s interest in becoming a police officer,” Malinowski said. “We try to be as innovative as possible.”

Malinowski said he thinks the city will benefit from the program.

“I think the community needs the police now more than ever,” he said. “We’ve seen a 40% increase in injury shots this year compared to last year. It is imperative that we have enough officers to respond to calls, detectives to investigate cases, bring people to justice and keep violent criminals off our streets.

Syracuse Police plans to launch the junior cadet program in the coming weeks.

How to register

City of Syracuse residents interested in the Junior Cadet Program can send their name, date of birth, phone number, home address, including a zip code, and email address to the Resources Division Syracuse Police Department, at 511 S. State St., Syracuse, NY 13202. Applications may be mailed, emailed to, or dropped off in person.

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