Taliban turn to drug money as it progresses rapidly


Kabul [Afghanistan], Aug. 13 (ANI): As the Taliban continue to acquire more and more territory in Afghanistan, terrorist groups are turning to drug money and taxes to bolster their source of income.

In just a few weeks with the withdrawal of US troops, the Taliban claimed to seize more than 10 of Afghanistan’s 34 administrative centers. The Taliban launched an attack in May and quickly began to occupy major neighborhoods.

Experts believe that the Taliban’s military and economic power is much greater today than it was in 2001. According to a Toronto-based think tank, the post-deportation period has been used by terrorist groups to abuse everything and regain power, a possible way to increase income.

This group earns money from taxes levied at various stages of the economy, including a 10% cultivation tax on opium growers.

“Taxes are also levied on laboratories that transform opium into heroin and traders who smuggle illegal drugs. Tullivan’s annual share of the illegal drug economy ranges from $ 100 million to $ 400 million, ”International Rights said. The forum declares. And security (IFFRAS).

According to the US military, 60% of the Taliban’s money comes from drugs. “In August 2018, the United States claimed to have destroyed around 200 Taliban pharmaceutical laboratories in the country, but the Taliban has shown great resilience in rebuilding the network of these laboratories. The Taliban were also a major source of income by collecting income from local economic activities.

“Even when the Afghan government was in power, the Taliban collected taxes from traders who transported goods through areas they controlled, such as telecommunications and mobile operators in those areas. He continued to earn income from businesses and the Taliban felt he was making money. By charging electricity consumers in different parts of the country, he added, “over US $ 2 million per year.”

Afghanistan’s deputy minister for drug control last month reported a 45% increase in poppy cultivation and drug smuggling this year compared to the same period last year.

Afghanistan, which is known to produce 80% of the world’s opium, currently grows poppy on more than 200,000 hectares of land in various parts of the country, TOLO News reports.

In addition to drugs, income from mining is another lucrative avenue for the Taliban. “Afghanistan is rich in minerals and precious stones, many of which are underutilized due to many years of conflict. The country’s mining industry is worth at least US $ 1 billion, but most of the mining is small. It’s illegal. “The think tank said.

According to IFFRAS, the Taliban have been a reliable source of blackmailing ongoing legal and illegal mining operations by controlling the mine site. In addition to all this, the report adds that there is income generated directly by the conflict.

“Whenever the Taliban occupy a military garrison or a city center, they empty the treasure and seize weapons, vehicles and other available goods,” according to the IFFRAS report. (ANI)


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