Targeted employee leads to arrest of California couple for drug trafficking

By Hal Scheurich

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DAPHNE, Alabama (WALA) – A California couple was arrested in Daphne over the weekend and charged with drug trafficking. After searching a converted school bus, police said they found an assortment of illegal drugs. Investigators say the couple claims they were on their way to Florida and stopped in Daphne on the way.

Police say the couple were not very discreet, from the vehicle they were driving to where they stopped to supposedly get high.

There was a very distinguished aroma coming from a custom, tie-dye painted school bus that could only be described as loud and flamboyant that police say caught the attention of a Target employee on Saturday morning November 5, 2022.

“We received a phone call from a female employee who walked by the bus and actually smelled what she knew was the burning smell of marijuana coming from it,” said Sgt. Jason Vannoy with Daphne Police.

When police arrived, they questioned two suspects who they say only admitted to rolling marijuana cigarettes. During a search for probable cause on the bus, investigators said several bags, jars and boxes of illegal drugs were discovered.

“There was I think thirteen pounds of marijuana, a lot of what’s called ‘shatter,’ which is kind of a derivative of marijuana, and then there was a psylocin…a pack of psylocin mushrooms,” said Vannoy.

Daphne police charged Holden Chandler, 28, and Brielle Healey, 23, with drug trafficking, possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. Investigators said they were en route to Florida from California when they decided to stop in Daphne.

“I guess, just being close to the highway. They wanted to use Daphne’s dog park to let their dogs run around,” Vannoy said. “I don’t know if they went there first or if it was their plan or not.”

Both suspects were held in Baldwin County Jail without bond pending a bail hearing. In addition to the drug charges, Healey is also accused of violating a domestic protection order filed against her by Chandler.

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