Teen mum Amber Portwood ends probation 3 years after domestic violence arrest as she fights ex in custody war

TEEN Mom Amber Portwood has finished her probation nearly three years after her arrest for domestic violence, as she battles her ex-boyfriend in their custody war.

amber31, was arrested in July 2019 for domestic violence against her then-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.


Amber Portwood has completed her probation almost three years after her arrestCredit: MTV
Amber was arrested in 2019 for domestic violence


Amber was arrested in 2019 for domestic violenceCredit: collect

Amber accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to 906 days probation in October 2019.

The Sun can exclusively reveal the OG teen mom star has “successfully completed” her probation.

According to Indiana court records obtained by The Sun, Amber was officially released from probation on April 26, 2022.

She completed a 26-week batterer intervention program and paid a $1,285 fine.

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Court documents read: “She submitted twenty-one negative drug tests and did not miss a scheduled test or test positive for illicit substances or alcohol.”

Amber did not breach her no contact order against Andrew and she was terminated by the court.

The court documents continued: ‘The probationer having successfully completed all periods of probation, as of right, is now released from probation.’

The Sun previously reported that Amber was “in compliance” with her probation as of a September 9, 2021 court hearing date with “no future court date needed.”

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Amber was arrested on July 5 after Andrew accused her of hitting him with a shoe while holding their 3-year-old son James, who was one at the time, during a fight .

He claimed she tried to break down a door with a machete, while he and James were locked inside for protection from Amber.

Following the arrest, Andrew requested full and emergency legal custody of James.

Andrew was granted primary custody of James, as Amber was allowed three unsupervised visits a week with their son.


Then in February 2021, Amber requested a change in custody to include overnight visits with James.

In Amber’s request for an overnight visit with James, she claimed there had been a “change in circumstances” that “warranted” an adjustment to their custody agreement.

She claimed that according to Indiana’s parenting time guidelines, parenting time is increased to include overnight stays when the child turns 3 years old.

Amber claimed it was in James’ “best interests” that the “current parenting time be amended to include overnight parenting time”.

She claimed the parties failed to reach an agreement in mediation and requested a hearing into the case.

The MTV star asked for primary physical custody of James and for Andrew to have parenting time.


Andrew, 37, then demanded amber take a hair follicle test in October 2021 after claiming in court that her behavior was similar to when she allegedly abused methamphetamine.

Amber responded to his request by denying drug use and demanded that he also undergo drug testing.

An Indiana judge ordered both sides to undergo a “10-panel urine drug screen” at a lawyers’ conference on Jan. 31, 2022.

Amber tested negative for all substances when she was tested on February 1, 2022.

The substances included methamphetamines, which Andrew accused her of abusing, amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates/morphine, phencyclidine, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone, oxycodone and propoxyphene.

Andrew also tested negative for all substances.


The parties then went to trial in the first week of March, where Andrew fought to move his son to his native California.

In courtroom audio obtained by The Sun, Amber’s ex Gary, with whom she shares 13-year-old daughter Leah, testified.

Teen Mom’s dad told the judge, “Amber is a different person now than she was with me, and she’s a different person than she was a year and a half ago.

“I notice more positive things. I’m actually very proud of her. It’s a big responsibility that she has. It’s a different connection with James than she had with Leah.

“Because when Leah was that age, she was in jail and other things were going on with her, and I think the person she is now is not the person she was then.

“I think it was a bit difficult for Leah. It was a difficult thing for Leah, considering how well they get along.”

Amber served 17 months in prison for drug trafficking until her release in December 2013, when Leah was just 4 years old.


In the moving testimony, Gary also claimed that Amber and James visit his house with his wife Kristina a few times a month to see Leah.

Gary said of Amber and James’ relationship, “They’ve been cuddling, they’ve made cookies, they’re playing with his toys. In the summer, they go outside to play.”

He added that James is a very well-behaved kid and Amber never got carried away with him.

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Gary said: “I’ve never seen her do anything to James that would concern me. There’s nothing but love there.”

Amber and Andrew await a judge’s decision after the trial.

Amber's ex Andrew got primary custody of their son after arrest


Amber’s ex Andrew got primary custody of their son after arrestCredit: See legend
The exes are currently in a nasty custody war and are awaiting the judge's decision.


The exes are currently in a nasty custody war and are awaiting the judge’s decision.Credit: See legend
Andrew wants to move their son from Indiana to California


Andrew wants to move their son from Indiana to CaliforniaCredit: See legend

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