The excise wing destroys the hooches brewers’ lair in Uttan

Despite a series of raids, isolated areas that sink deep into mangrove forests and swampy lands in and around rural and coastal villages of Uttan near Bhayandar continue to be preferred destinations for illicit liquor brewers. .

Three days after their police counterparts dismantled an illicit alcohol brewing unit (haath-bhatti) in the village of Murdha near Bhayandar, officials from the Thane District Excise Department raided a similar den that was functioning in the middle dense mangrove thickets near the banks of the stream in the village of Khobra Samedi.

Acting on a whistleblower, a team led by excise inspectors RMKolthe and Mahesh Gaikwad under the supervision of senior excise inspector Vijaykumar Thorat led the raid. Excise staff had to paddle a boat to dig up the brewing unit.

The team seized several barrels containing 4,300 liters of ingredients, including fermented jaggery and chemicals worth over Rs. 86,000. This is outside of other manufacturing equipment in the place. However, as usual, no one was arrested as the criminals who ran the den had escaped even before the excise staff could reach the scene.

While all materials and equipment were destroyed by the team consisting of excise staff Chavhan, Nagre and Patil, a case under the relevant sections of the Bombay Ban Law was filed against the runaway smugglers who not only gambled with their lives by making toxic intoxicants, but also destroying the fragile ecosystem.

“We are considering action under the Maharashtra Hazardous Activities Prevention Act (MPDA) against the identified offender,” said an excise officer. Although several alcohol-related incidents involving a staggering death toll are reported in various parts of the country, the alcohol mafia continues to play hide and seek with law enforcement.

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Posted on: Monday Aug 23, 2021 12:50 am IST

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