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By Danika Young | Journalist / LTVN anchor

To engage or not to engage? Joining Greek life almost seems like an expectation for many students. The allure of fellowship or fellowship can attract many students to join us. Each year, approximately 750,000 students join a sorority or fraternity. Since arriving in Baylor, I have felt the pressure to join Greek life; however, I decided not to, and here is why.

Starting with the basics, rushing can be very expensive, depending on the school you choose. In your typical public college, dues for a single semester can be as high as $ 1,000 per semester. However, contributions may be higher in a private establishment. These costs can only include chapter contributions, national organization contributions and insurance, without any mention of other costs related to membership in Greek life. It’s important to look at the overall cost before rushing in, especially since they can differ depending on which Greek organization you choose.

Greek life has a common reputation for the excessive consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs. Especially for fraternities, alcohol consumption is very high among members – both new and existing. In this culture, drug and alcohol abuse is also a very important issue that many members choose to ignore, especially if they are prone to hazing.

College comes with a busy lifestyle. Adding Greek life to this plate can sometimes push students to their limits. The time commitment required to join a sorority or fellowship is very demanding. Members spend hours outside of class in meetings or functions related to their organization. This can lead to an unhealthy sleep schedule and loss of focus on studying.

Hazing – need I say more? It is no secret that sororities and fraternities subject their new commitments to psychological, emotional and physical manipulation upon joining. Even though promises of hazing are technically unauthorized, it still happens in many schools today. However, hazing can differ, as some groups can be harsh while others can just be annoying. It’s important to check an organization’s history and past events if you decide to rush.

Greek life is not for everyone, and it is essential to look at all the negatives before making this commitment. Do your research, ask around, and make sure it’s really right for you. Sorority and brotherhood are elsewhere, and there is no shame in that.


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