The Resident Review – A River in Egypt (608)

This season of the resident does not turn away from the grim realities of our society.

Last week’s episode lifted the curtain on the effects of gun violence, while the resident Season 6 Episode 4 addressed the hard truths surrounding addiction and the people we live with.

Ian, Cade’s father, was going through severe withdrawal as he prepared for his follow-up drug test.

The problem with addiction is that it can happen to anyone, regardless of your race, age, education, or status. Ian was just as addicted to drugs as Diana, the heroin addict who was brought to the ER and gave birth to a baby, who was simultaneously going through withdrawal. When Ian held little Jane in his arms and told her he knew the pain she was feeling, he wasn’t lying.

Ian, however, thought he was better than Diana because, in his mind, his addiction wasn’t nearly as bad. In his mind, the pills weren’t as bad as heroin, and so he talked to Diana and judged her for her addiction.

He didn’t get in the same boat as the “other” addicts, perhaps thinking that as a doctor he had more control over it, but the withdrawal symptoms indicated otherwise.

Ian was a mess, and the creative forces behind the resident were determined to convey that raw pain and emotion through the screen and to viewers. Each montage effect allowed the audience to feel a part of what they were going through and to feel equally unsettled.

You hope that as his condition got worse it would help him realize that he really had a problem and that he was a danger, but the only thing he could focus on was get this fix.

It was a terrible situation because, addiction aside, Ian is a phenomenal doctor who genuinely cares about his job, but, at the same time, his actions put patients at risk.

When the pressure was on, he ditched the drug test, took pills and waited for them to kick in before offering hands-on assistance with baby Jane’s surgery. On the one hand, I’m glad that was the action he took, because it showed he didn’t want to put Jane at risk – he was aware of all the ways things could go wrong because of the symptoms weaning – but he shouldn’t allow himself to come to that to begin with.

The right thing would have been to admit his addiction and seek the necessary help rather than thinking that the best case scenario was working under the influence.

Instead, Ian pursued every option to prevent anyone from catching his pill addiction, including stealing another patient’s urine to submit as his own and ordering synthetic urine for next time. .

He seemed pretty pleased with himself, but I find it crazy that an esteemed doctor doesn’t realize the very real risks of what he’s doing. Addiction is a nasty disease, and the one that gets attention the resident in a way that cannot be ignored.

Ian’s drug test failure was unknown to Chastain’s staff, so I’m not surprised no one understood that his nausea and dizziness were withdrawal symptoms; they could have been anything without any context, but Cade certainly should have understood his outburst.

She saw the effects of addiction firsthand, including clouded judgment and irritability. How did she not realize what was happening right in front of her?

And she knows her father better than anyone, so she should have considered it possible that he was trying to rig the system to work in her favor.

He may have won today, but everything will catch up with him. I just hope it’s not for the good of another tiny patient.

The scary part was that Ian was caring for the NICU twins of AJ and Padma. Imagine if something happened then – AJ would undoubtedly come looking for Ian with his bare hands. Leela also gave an update on the family being settled into their new condo, and I can’t wait to see more footage of AJ as a proud dad. I hope his mother looks at them and smiles at them.

Baby Jane’s situation was heartbreaking. Diana’s addiction hurt the baby in so many ways from the moment she arrived. Luckily, Billie, with the help of Ian, was able to successfully perform the operation to repair the sac of fluid on her back.

Meanwhile, we saw Diana struggling to get her baby back before the addiction set in and all she wanted was her bag of the drugs.

Cade, who knows all too well what it’s like to lose a mother to addiction, didn’t want to make things harder for Diana when they were supposed to be at first, but even she did. lost at one point telling her that if she didn’t get clean and stayed clean, the best place for Jane was not with her mother. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s a reality that needs to be conveyed so that Diana no longer lives in denial thinking that after all they were just going to return her baby without work and make amends. I hope there will be a happy ending for Diana and baby Jane, but I also know it’s a long way to go and it doesn’t always end on a happy note.

Pravesh swung into action, replacing Conrad, who prioritized helping Gigi develop the confidence to earn her next tae kwon do belt.

Irving criticized Pravesh so much for “not being a real doctor anymore”, which was unwarranted. Pravesh may have embraced science a little more than medicine, but your instinct and desire to help a patient doesn’t go away just because you don’t practice full-time. In fact, it was nice to see him back in motion as he took his time with Marty. While another doctor may have fired her because her symptoms were showing up like textbooksyasthenia gravis, Pravesh didn’t give up trying to help her find out why her treatment wasn’t working.

Pravesh knew something was wrong, so he went back to basics of trial and error. It may have been painful for his patient, but he thought it was the only way. And again, it was wrong of Irving to come after Pravesh for “harming” a patient when he was simply doing what he thought was right. The invasive and painful procedure didn’t give them the answers they needed, but it forced Pravesh to think even deeper, recalling a study that once linked cancer to mimic neuromuscular symptoms. An MRI later, and Marty had the correct diagnosis after being misdiagnosed and abused for six years. And while cancer was never technically good news, there was hope that she could finally get her life back, or, at the very least, her independence. Pravesh’s time and dedication to the patient changed his life!

As for Conrad, man, I’m a sucker for Conrad as a father because he’s so good at it. He is a man who loves his daughter more than life itself. When Gigi revealed she wanted to skip her belt ceremony because she wasn’t convinced she could break the board, nothing else mattered but getting her to practice, practice, and believe in herself. herself. Conrad dedicated his entire day to giving Gigi the tools she needed to succeed. It was such a selfless act of love, and while not every parent can afford to give up the day’s work to help their child with “Ferris Bueller Syndrome”, the fact that Conrad could and did fact is such a blessing and something he does not seem to take for granted.

He then supported Gigi during the ceremony with his camera recorded like the doting father that he is. Nic would have been so proud, and I’m still so disappointed that she left the show, uh, that she passed away and wasn’t around for those times. While Conrad seems to have all that daddy stuff, there was also a point in the episode that highlighted how hard it is to navigate all of those parenting challenges without the partner you thought was always there to help and do. brainstorm ideas. I think Conrad would have always been a great dad, but when he finds himself at a crossroads about how to cope, he’s definitely inspired by “what Nic would do” so, in a way, Gigi has always both her parents with her every step of the way. She’s a lucky girl, though admittedly I expected Cade or Pravesh or whoever else to attend the ceremony and cheer her on.

Pravesh, however, was celebrating his diagnosis with Leela, who conducted her first solo surgery because Nolan was too busy researching bidets. Honestly, what’s going on with Irving and Nolan this season?! Either way, Pravesh and Leela are a power couple on the show now, and they deserve it all.

What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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