These 17 people have been charged in Clark County


September 30 — These 16 people were charged in the Clark County Common Plea Court cases:

Stephen M. Ault, 40: vol.

David R. Caroppoli, 60, Springfield: forgery, concealment of stolen goods.

Justin S. Ream, 24: Mishandling of firearms in a motor vehicle.

Edward A. Clay, 70, Springfield: forgery: to obtain a concealed handgun license.

Heather N. Bowshier, 37, Springfield: Possession of Disability Weapons, Carrying Concealed Weapons, Theft.

Jack W. Riggs, 55, of Miamisburg: Mishandling of firearms in a motor vehicle.

Bradley M. Trent, 28, of Springfield: discharging a gun at or near prohibited places.

Christopher Carrington, 33, of Springfield: Carrying a concealed weapon.

Deairco Wilson, 31, of Springfield: Possession of weapons with a disability, carrying a concealed weapon, mishandling of firearms in a motor vehicle.

James Lawrence Joseph Gilliam, 38, Springfield: trespassing into a home when a person is present or likely to be present.

Allexandra Adams, 36, of Springfield: abuse of harmful intoxicants.

Mark A. Jones, 62: assault.

Jerry L. Lavender III: having weapons in case of disability, carrying a concealed weapon.

Timothy L. Yancey, 40, Springfield: disabled gun carrier, concealed gun carrier.

Cody Michael Allen Lane, 25, Springfield: Possession of fentanyl-related compound.

Jeremy W. Brookmyer, 47, of Springfield: robbery.

Simeon Amos, 16: aggravated theft, four counts of criminal assault, discharging a firearm at or near prohibited places, improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle, tampering with evidence.


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