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Ripon’s Joint Council unanimously approved an open container events ordinance last Tuesday that allows individuals to transport beer or wine through city streets and sidewalks within a defined and specific area determined by the event organizers.

Individual events would require a permit to use city streets and sidewalks during the events.

The Joint Council would then approve each permit individually and define parameters for intoxicants opened during the events.

The ordinance outlines specific requirements for events, such as the use of certain containers and wristbands, and requires event planners to detail plans for their gatherings that include security.

City prosecutor Lud Wurtz said event coordinators should always come to the joint council for the approval of a temporary Class B liquor license.

“This is for Class B temporary events; it’s not for everyone, ”he said. “This is intended for event activities and obviously it details the security requirements of the bracelet. “

Ald. Paige Kane said there have been concerns about the addiction order.

However, “it is not something that will just allow people to walk around the city drinking,” she said, noting that it relates to specific events and gives the Joint Council the opportunity to provide oversight. “It’s just important to remind people that it’s not just opening season.”

Mayor Ted Grant added that the Joint Council may set specific times for outdoor open container permits to take effect during events, along with other specific requirements.

“As a board, you can define the conditions and requirements for each event,” he said.

Police Chief Bill Wallner supported the order. He said this gave the Ripon Town Police Department more consistency in enforcement during events.

“You’re going to set some parameters when these candidates come forward,” Wallner told the Joint Council. “I have no problem with the prescription as written.”

Ald. Jolene Schatzinger said she does not see the ordinance as creating a culture of normalizing alcohol consumption.

She added that the ordinance requires events to serve alcoholic beverages in a 1: 1 ratio with non-alcoholic beverages.

“People will have to come before us to discuss every event that we have,” said Schatzinger.

At a joint council meeting last month, city administrator Adam Sonntag said that Ripon Main Street, Inc. plans to apply for an open-container outdoor event permit for the upcoming Downtown WineWalk. city.

Ald. Jonathan Gatzke requested that after the Common Council grants its first outdoor open container permit, it review the event with Wallner to assess the situation.

“We don’t have to do it every time, but maybe after the first one or the first two,” Gatzke said.

In other news

In other news from the Ripon Joint Council meeting:

  • The Communal Council also approved a resolution establishing the districts of the town of Ripon within the surveillance districts of the county of Fond du Lac. The common council reviewed the constituency map last month, which doesn’t change the districts for the aldermen.
  • In addition, City Council approved a request for payment of over $ 1 million for the Vermont Street and Parkway Terrace reconstruction project. Public Works Director Mike Ehrenberg said the project is on schedule and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.


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