Three inmates for illegally selling codeine-based cough syrup to drug addicts


Mira Bhayandar-Vasai Virar Police (MBVV) Anti-Trafficking Unit (AHTU) Arrested Three People Charged with Illegal Selling of Various Brands of Cough Syrups Containing Codeine Phosphate in Kashimira . Cough syrups are not over-the-counter, police say, and require an appropriate prescription to be sold.

Acting on a denunciation, a team led by Senior Police Inspector Sampatrao Patil broke into a building in the Reti Bunder neighborhood on Thursday evening on the road from Ghodbunder village to Kashimira. Two men identified as Dhanraj Vyenkat Makhnikar (40) and Gyaneshwar Baburao Savle alias Deva (43), both residents of Kashimira, were caught red-handed while selling cough syrups, including to drug addicts.

During questioning, the duo revealed the name and location of the supplier, after which the police team immediately reached the location in Bhayandar (west) and apprehended a person identified as Sanjay Mistry.

Police seized cash and 248 bottles (100ml each) of cough syrup valued at over Rs. 54,000 from the possession of the trio which were reserved under the relevant sections of the Cough Act. drugs and cosmetics, 1940.

There are strict standards for the sale and purchase of these cough syrups which are said to be potent intoxicants. However, many drug addicts consume these syrups to get high. In addition, several unregistered suppliers provide syrups and cough tablets to pharmacists who would sell them at prices above the maximum retail price and without asking for a mandatory prescription from a licensed physician, sources said.

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Posted on: Saturday December 25, 2021 5:14 PM IST


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