Thugs dominate the people of Kano, mutilating many

  • We are committed to ending crime – Police

Criminal activities in the metropolitan areas of Kano State have taken on new dimensions lately with thugs, in numbers, unleashing mayhem on innocent residents.

This is even as police insist the crime rate is going down with the high number of arrests of these thugs, but locals say they still live in fear as many of those arrested by police are already back in the communities.

Daily Trust Saturday gathered from some residents that criminals, after successfully seizing people’s property, stab or injure them in areas of the body that could result in death or loss/disfigurement of that body part.

Recent reports from Daily Trust recounted how different people had their hands or legs amputated as a result of thug attacks. The incidents are such that criminals, including teenagers and adults, now threaten to rob, attack or kill people during the day and cannot be apprehended, as some residents have claimed.

“Now it’s not about phone snatching or property theft. The fear is whether they’ll leave you alive or not, or hurt you where you can survive without any amputations. C “is our fear now. If they just take your stuff and leave, then you’re in luck,” said one of the Kurna Asabe area residents, Sulaiman Abubakar.

Some of the communities where thugs operate freely include Fagge, Kurna, Sharada, Dandinshe, Brigade and many more.

In Fagge, 21-year-old Salisu Hussaini lost his right limb as a result of the activities of the criminals who stabbed him as he was breaking up a fight. The man, who is a tailor, is currently hospitalized with the future of his business in danger as he requires the use of both hands.

Another Kurna resident, Muhammad Sani Inusa, also lost an arm in March 2022 after thugs attacked their neighborhood and stole people’s goods. The victim, also a tailor, was tortured by the criminals to the point that they thought he was dead, but he later survived with his limb amputated.

In Dandinshe, Aliyu Usman was attacked by thugs after going out to help his neighbor who was being mugged. Not knowing that the thugs were coming in large numbers, Aliyu opened his house and some of the thugs swooped down on him, stabbing almost every part of his body.

Similarly, a resident of Koki, Aminu Abba, lost his hand to phone thieves who raided his neighborhood around 8 p.m. He was allegedly listening to music on his phone while washing his clothes when the thugs launched an attack on him, maiming his left hand which was later amputated at Murtala Muhammad Hospital.

In a separate incident, two thugs attacked a man, whose identity could not be established, in the Ja’in neighborhood of Sharada in the state’s metropolis, snatched his phone as he was charging it around 8 p.m. and stabbed him in the chest. The man was taken to hospital but later died of complications.

These attacks are carried out individually by the disbelievers in different places, with their dangerous weapons which the locals believe to be charmed, which is why wounds inflicted with them are usually fatal.

Residents blame politicians for vouching for thugs

According to some residents and community leaders, they are pained and disappointed with how these thugs are left unpunished by the authorities and sometimes even return to the community to continue their normal lives. Some of the locals accused the politicians of sponsoring these thugs and always defending them in court and bailing them out in police stations.

Alhaji Habibu Muhammad is a community leader in the Ja’in quarters. He said: “Whatever these thugs are doing is because they realized that no serious action was being taken against them. The highest is for them to be sentenced to prison, to spend a few months or years and get out, or even to be released on bail by their bosses. They will kill people and disturb residents and nothing will be done to them to deter others.

“So the approaches to these issues are not the right ones, honestly. That’s why some locals are taking action on their own. Recently in my area, a phone thief was arrested after he stabbed someone and they took him broke his leg before calling the police. And that’s also not a solution because they have dangerous weapons and can kill easily because they’re always out of their minds,” he said.

For his part, Shehu Muhammad Rabiu, Kano State Commander of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN), said recent criminal activities in Kano are alarming and attributed them to drug abuse and parents’ refusal to allow action against their children who are found guilty. .

He said that if care is not taken, the company will find it difficult to control the situation in the future and it will make the problems worse.

He said VGN men often come up against thugs who invade communities either to snatch phones or commit other crimes, adding that they always hand over suspects to the police.

“Nowadays, we try as much as possible to keep our children away from vices and evil acts. Some young people sell illegal drugs inside their homes. When you want to investigate him or arrest him, parents would protect them.

It was further gathered from some residents that the prevalence of crime rate in Kano is the result of a new trend among criminals which is to collect money and bail out their friends or pay the fine that imposed on them by the court to secure their release.

A Kurna resident, Shuaibu Muhammad, said he heard local criminals tell how they raised money to free their friends whenever they were arrested.

“I noticed that they had ripped off about 15 different phones from different places. And no matter how much these phones cost, they each sell for less than N40,000. That’s when I told them said after selling the phones that they would pay the fine of a notorious criminal among them who was sentenced to jail with the option of a fine,” he said.

Offering solutions to the situation, a sociologist from Bayero Kano University (BUK), Mukhtar Nura Bichi, said that although crime is not new in all societies, including developed countries; in recent days, it has taken on a new dimension that requires several modern approaches to deal with it.

He pointed to youth unemployment, poverty and greed as the main causes of crimes in Nigeria, warning that society and government should play their part in the process to end the threat.

“Most young people are now unemployed and they have desires they want to fulfill. They still despise petty trade.

“Drug use is one of the reasons behind this. That’s why the government is always at war to eradicate drug addiction and smoking because a person who takes drugs or intoxicants will lose consciousness and engage in such things as using a weapon to attack and even kill somebody.

He said that “the dangerous weapons carried by the thugs lead to an ‘imbalance of power’ which prevents them from being confronted and also gives them the possibility to attack”.

We are committed to ending crime – Police

Responding, the Kano State Police Command said it had arrested more than 150 suspects for various offenses including homicide, armed robbery, assault, kidnapping and drug abuse among other heinous crimes in the state.

The command’s public relations officer, SP Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, said the arrests were made in the second quarter of 2022 while reviewing its anti-crime strategies.

“Constant crime raids and criminal hideouts and black spots have intensified across the state. Visibility policing and intelligence-based policing and synergy with sister security agencies and community policing actors.

“A lot of successes were recorded during the period; second quarter of the year 2022 before, during and after the end of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid el Fitr Sallah.

He said all suspects arrested have been thoroughly investigated and brought to justice for prosecution.

Kiyawa added that in the eight local government areas of the metropolis, the problem of violence and drug abuse has been the most difficult, adding that the command is on guard to ensure that people in the state sleep. both eyes closed.

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