TOBi is “Off the Drugs” in a new song with Mick Jenkins: Stream


Born in Nigeria and raised in Canada, TOBi is a growing rapper. He’s now teaming up with Mick Jenkins for a new intoxication meditation, “Off the Drugs”.

This isn’t a denominational track or an ode to sobriety, and in fact the woozy guitars and sky-high horns ensure that “Off the Drugs” would sound great while soaring like a kite. The song opens with one of our favorite legal potions, as TOBi raps: “Caught me slippin ‘, I was sippin’ bourbon / Unfamiliar feeling, it’s that liquid courage.” Throughout the song, he’s also bagged, ripped off with romance, and just plain high. “When I’m off drugs,” he sings, “Show me love / On a safe trip and hope it never ends / High like a ceiling fan and I had towers.”

For her part, Jenkins rolls and coils, spinning together a string of consonants that serve as an ode to weed. “The paper is rolled up, the blunt is a no-no,” he spits, “No dibs on doobies, bouta lights up by my dolo.”

In a statement, TOBi spoke about his relationship with drugs and how society responds to intoxicants. He said,

“When I smoke I see things more clearly and I am much more aware. So I’m intentional about how I use it. I think more money should be spent on researching things like cannabis and mushrooms for their healing properties. From what I’m seeing, so many things are actually drugs – alcohol, gambling, even social media because it affects brain chemistry, but all this shit is legal. While the things that can legitimately heal if understood and done right are stigmatized, it’s wild. Mick came over and spiced the verse as it should, and we’ve got a video on the way as well. I just want to live life to the fullest and enjoy it while it lasts. Life for me is a good trip if you let it.

Check out the swirling lyrical video for “Off the Drugs” below. Earlier this year, TOBi jumped on Haviah Mighty’s track “Good on My Own Tonight”. As for Jenkins, he teases a new album with the recent singles “Designer Frames” and “Truffes”.


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