Twitter brawl between SP, UP Excise MoS

Akhilesh Yadav is ‘Aurangzeb’ and UP Minister of State for Excise Nitin Agarwal is ‘daaru mantri’ was on the agenda of the Twitter brawl between the Samajwadi party and the minister, which was rolling over the cycle”. The war of words on the microblogging site began when Nitin Agarwal called SP a group of goons that patronizes criminals.

It culminated in an all-out battle on Thursday with daru, tharra, rum and whiskey in the verbal duel between the SP and Minister of State for Excise Nitin Agarwal. Both sides accused each other of patronizing morons.

Nitin, a former SP leader, called party leader Samajwadi Akhilesh Yadav ‘Aurangzeb’ for ‘humiliating’ his father Mulayam Singh Yadav in the past, while the SP retaliated by calling the minister’s father, the former SP leader Naresh Agarwal, “Tharra Naresh” and a “mausam vaigyanik” (a weather vane). “Daaru mein jise bhagwan dikhe, woh hai tharra Naresh. Daaru mantri hai jiska ladka, woh hai rum, whiskey, gin premi tharra Naresh (one who has seen God in alcohol, i.e. Naresh who loves country spirits. Whose son is the minister of ‘alcohol who loves rum, whiskey, gin Naresh)’, the SP tweeted in an attack on Naresh Agarwal who left the party to join the Bharatiya Janata party in 2018.

The SP tweet was a response to Nitin attacking Akhilesh Yadav on Twitter: “Pitaji ko jisne beizzat kiya, chacha ko diya sandesh, samajwadi ke naam par, Aurangzeb hai Akhilesh.

Nitin had rebelled against the SP in 2021 and officially joined the BJP in 2022 and was elected as a BJP MP. The latest round of verbal duel between the two sides began hours after the SP targeted Nitin for his comment that the SP gave “goons and mafias patronage”.

Previously, Nitin had backed Bahujan Samaj party leader Mayawati, who in a tweet said the SP was a party that patronized criminal elements.

Targeting Nitin Agarwal for his comments on the SP, associating him with ‘morons’, the party’s official handle tweeted an old press clipping of a statement made by Nitin about how he once told the police of the UP not to enter the houses where the raw alcohol is prepared, otherwise he “will have to do something about it”.

“Listen, Nitin Agarwal, do you make statements under the influence of the same kacchi-pakki (English raw liquor) in accordance with the department you represent? Oh, son of Naresh, the mausam vaigyanik who remains under the influence all day, c “That’s your statement. And going from there, you’re the one giving patronage to morons,” the SP tweeted.

In his response to the SP, Nitin referred to Akhilesh as “Aurangzeb”. “The leader of the party (SP) is known as Aurangzeb, who disrespected his honorable father often under the influence of a foreign intoxicant.

We can only expect such language from him and his party. He could not be faithful to his father; how can we expect him to be loyal to the public? Nitin fired back.

Doubling down on the reference to Aurangzeb, he also wrote that Akhilesh – who humiliated his father and “sent a message” to his estranged uncle and Pragatisheel Samajwadi (Lohia) party leader Shivpal Singh Yadav – is an “Aurangzeb” claiming to be a socialist.

As the online war continued, the SP media cell also tweeted an old video of Naresh Agarwal in which he allegedly made controversial comments about Hindu gods Vishnu, Rama, Sita and Hanuman at Rajya Sabha in 2017.

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