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By JOLT staff

A drunk driver was discovered by several eyewitnesses and passed out while driving a moving car with his foot on the brake early Sunday, July 4.

Diego Pedro Bernabe, 30, of Shelton, did not wake up despite several attempts by witnesses to wake him up, according to Olympia police.

Olympia police contacted Bernabe at 2:07 am at the intersection of Cooper Point Road SW and Capital Mall Drive SW. Police said he also did not wake up on their first attempts, including knocking on the driver’s window, pointing a flashlight and announcing that they were law enforcement.

OPD opened the front passenger door, which was the only unlocked door, and gained access to the vehicle, placing it in the park without waking Bernabe.

After several sternum rubs, Bernabe woke up, looked confused, and tried to start the car. OPD removed Bernabe from his vehicle, putting him in handcuffs. The assessor said Bernabe “immediately looked confused and looked like he was lost. I asked Diego to stop the car and motioned for him to do so. When I told him that, he started to turn the radio volume off and on instead. Diego also started honking his horn. Diego was repeatedly advised to turn off the car but was unable to do so.

OPD observed that his eyes were bloodshot, watery and that there was a smell of intoxicants in his breath.

Based on Bernabe’s condition, police were unable to use standard field field sobriety tests with him.

Bernabe refused to provide two breath samples, so police woke up a judge to obtain a warrant to take blood samples. Bernabe was rushed to Capital Medical Center for the procedure

Bernabe was held in Olympia prison on suspicion of impaired driving.


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