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CATSKILL – A village man who was engulfed in flames last weekend after Catskill officers used a stun gun on him inside Main Street Police Station has prompted investigators to examine footage video of the incident.

Jason Jones, 29, of Catskill, who was initially taken to Albany Medical Center, is being treated at the Clark Burn Center at SUNY Upstate Medical University Hospital in Syracuse, where he remained in serious condition on Friday afternoon.

“His condition is very serious,” Jones’ lawyer Kevin Luibrand of Luibrand PLLC law firm in Latham said on Friday.

Representatives from the Clark Burn Center did not return calls Friday for updates on Jones’ condition.

Jones entered Catskill Police Station at 422 Main Street at around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 30.

He allegedly doused himself with hand sanitizer and then became confrontational with officers on duty, Catskill police said on Friday.

The county attorney’s office is investigating the incident, Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione said on Friday.

Jones appeared to be intoxicated when he entered the police station, police said.

“It’s a horrific incident that happened in Catskill,” Catskill Police Chief David Darling said on Friday.

Catskill Police Station is equipped with security cameras inside and outside the building, Darling said.

“We understand that there are video recordings of what happened,” Luibrand said. “We asked for the preservation of the video recording. I expect to have the opportunity to review it.

Darling declined to comment further on the situation, citing the ongoing investigation by an outside body.

Luibrand also declined to talk about the details of the investigation.

“I understand there is an investigation,” he said. “I don’t know the nature of their investigation and I don’t want to comment on it at this point.”

Stanzione said his agency had investigators on staff handling the case.

“We are looking at the situation, what happened, why it happened, who was involved – we are looking at it all,” Stanzione said.

Stanzione declined to comment on the potential filing of criminal charges against anyone involved in the incident, saying the county district attorney’s office is in the early stages of investigation.

“We are looking at all the evidence and information we have,” Stanzione said.

The investigation will include security camera video and interviews with parties involved.

Jones’ parents and much of his family are by his side as he struggles to recover from his serious injuries, his lawyer has said.

Jones’ family have told Luibrand that they will not be making a public statement at this time.

“The only timeline we’re on right now with the family is to get it back – that’s all the family is focused on,” Luibrand said. “They are focusing on what is important to them right now – the health of their son.”

Jones graduated from Catskill High School in 2010.

He was a star athlete on the basketball and track teams, former Catskill coach Doug Lampman said. Lampman declined to comment further.

Jones threw the shot put and discus, and in May 2009, he won the Patroon Conference title in the shot put and the discus, according to Daily Mail records.

Catskill Central School District Superintendent Ronel Cook said on Friday afternoon that he had been briefed on the incident.

“Mr. Jones was a star multisport student-athlete, who excelled in track and field and basketball,” Cook said in a statement Friday. “I don’t know all the details regarding this unfortunate situation. Nonetheless, Mr. Jones is graduate of Catskill Anyone who graduates from this excellent institution is considered a member of the Catskill family I wish Mr. Jones a speedy recovery and our thoughts and prayers are with him.

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