West Papua BNN names police officers suspected of abusing illegal drugs

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe West Papua National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has named a mid-ranking Sorong Town Police officer, Commissioner CB, as a suspected drug abuser today, 20 July 2022.

Agency chief Brig. General Heri Istu Hariono in Manokwari said his side also arrested H who acted as a dealer and owner of 13 packs of methamphetamine.

“We have investigated and determined [CB] as suspect. He is only a user and has less than a gram of crystal meth,” Hariono said Wednesday.

Based on the interrogation, CB had used methamphetamine for a long time and it was discovered that he was in a hotel room with H in South Sorong. “We are pursuing the legal process or mandating prison rehabilitation if possible,” he added.

West Papua BNN continued to develop the case to determine the origin of the methamphetamine shipment which initial reports said originated from South Sulawesi.

Meanwhile, after meeting with the head of the BNN, West Papua Police Narcotics Director Comr. Agustinus Indra Napitupulu said the West Papua Police handed over the entire judicial process to the West Papua BNN.

He also confirmed that as a result of the case, all resort police in the province were ordered to perform urine tests.


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