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Hoshiarpur, July 9

In the village of Basti Sansian, under the leadership of DIG Dr S Bhupathi, 300 police officers today carried out a search operation, which ended unsuccessfully, despite the fact that more than 100 FIRs were registered against various people drug trafficker, including women in large numbers. , in the zone. Videos and photos of addicts buying drugs in Basti Saisian have repeatedly gone viral, but police found nothing even after hours of searching.

During the operation, all roads leading to the village were closed, the village was completely sealed off and houses were searched. In addition, people coming to the village were also searched and interrogated but in vain.

Later, in an official statement, the police said that after the formation of the new government, 21 cases were registered at Garhshankar police station under the NDPS law, under which 31 defendants were arrested and 380 g of heroin, 362 g of intoxicants, 25 and a half kilograms of sawdust. Posat, 700 intoxicating capsules and 1,650 tablets were recovered. The statement contained details of the search operation, but no information on recoveries today. —OC

Leak info?

According to the sources, the drug traffickers had already received information about the search operation in advance, so the police were forced to return empty-handed from the infamous Basti Sansian village. for drug trafficking.

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