Who is Edwin Martínez and what does his approach to President Pedro Castillo mean?

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Edwin Martinezthe deputy of popular action (AP) who met the President on Saturday and Sunday stone castleassured that the new head of the Council of Ministers does not belong to any political party and is a career civil servant.

In dialogue with To exchangepointed out that the next chief of staff has never held such a position, but has experience in public management and served as a minister in another government, but did not specify the portfolio, nor give more details.

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Martínez Talavera said his visit to the Palace was at the invitation of the Head of State himself and that they had no close relationship with him.

“[El presidente] He did not speak of Popular Action but of me because I am a representative of the region of Arequipa. We dealt with problems of public interest in Arequipa such as insecurity, the problem of hospitals and the reactivation of Majes – Siguas II. The subject of Repsol and the Cabinet was also brought up, that’s when the president showed me the dossier of proposals and they tried to choose the most suitable. Here, there was no agreement, no imposition. It’s a dialogue between a humble congressman and the president,” replied to this Journal.

However, he stressed that “he doesn’t know” if the president will comply with what has been discussed because he “constantly changes his mind”.

On the other hand, the parliamentarian indicated that he saw humility in the president and perceived concern about the political crisis that his administration is going through.

“I told the president that he made a lot of mistakes and that he had to do a mea culpa and not make the same mistakes again. That he choose a more technical cabinet and that he not submit to any leader politics neither by blackmail nor by necessity. I hope that for the good of the country, he has reconsidered”, concluded.

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Who is this MP?

It is not the first time Edwin Martinez occupies a place in the public sector. The 55-year-old from Arequipa began his political career as mayor of the district of Mariano Melgar (2007-2010) in Ciudad Blanca for the Democratic Force party. Five years later, he became mayor of this city for Popular Action and was the protagonist of more than one scandal.

Edwin Martínez justified his attempt to intercede for his son before a commissioner. (Photo: Congress)

On November 8, 2017, Martínez Talavera was arrested by police for drunk driving. The ethyl test showed 1.2 grams of alcohol in his blood, more than double the maximum allowed by law, which is 0.5.

As a result, he was sentenced for the crime of common danger to one year with reserve of judgment. The judge ordered that Martínez not change his address without authorization and that he go every two weeks to sign in court to justify his activities. In addition, the ex-bourgmestre had to pay a civil indemnity of 700 soles. If he had not respected these measures, he could have gone to prison for 10 months.

However, it was not the first time that Martínez Talavera broke traffic laws, months before his conviction he had already been fined for running a red light in the province of Islay.

(Picture: capture)
(Picture: capture)

In the curriculum vitae he presented to the jury of the national elections, Martínez issued another sentence for illegal appointment to the post, also issued in 2017.

Another occasion in which Martínez ended up in the police station was in 2018, when he tried to chain himself to the Government Palace. The mayor of Mariano Melgar at the time, who already had a few months to complete his administration, demanded more resources for his municipality. “Nobody listens to me, I am mayor. How unfair that they act like that with someone who comes to ask for a budget for their city, they forgot Arequipa”, expressed on this occasion.

Moment of the intervention of Mayor Edwin Martínez in front of the Government Palace.  (Capture)
Moment of the intervention of Mayor Edwin Martínez in front of the Government Palace. (Capture)
Moment of the intervention of Mayor Edwin Martínez in front of the Government Palace.  (Capture)
Moment of the intervention of Mayor Edwin Martínez in front of the Government Palace. (Capture)

However, the Arequipa portal El Búho revealed that Martínez’s management had only invested 38.6% of the budget available for 2018.

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Six months ago, Edwin Martínez arrived in Parliament after obtaining 16,372 votes in his region. Once in office, he played in another controversy. In January this year, during a Standing Committee debate, an audio recording was leaked in which the congressman was heard interceding for his son during a national police transit operation.

“Dear friend, how are you, how are you, good morning. Dear friend, this is Edwin Martínez, member of the Congress of the Republic speaking. A favor, the driver is my son. So, I don’t know what irregularity there will be with his license, but he is coming back to the region…”was heard saying the parliamentarian from Arequipeño.


Meanwhile, the president of the Congress of the Republic, María del Carmen Alva, spoke out against the meeting held by her colleague from the bench Edwin Martinez with President Castillo. He pointed out that everyone at Acción Popular was “surprised” by the news.

“[Martínez] It was personal, all alone. If she wanted to agree, the question should have been seen on the bench. The bench is not aware of anything, I was surprised to see him there and I was surprised by his statements. I will have the opportunity to speak to him.he stated at the end point.

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In a dialogue with El Comercio, Popular Action spokesman Elvis Vergara said that Martínez only attended the meeting as part of his duties as a congressman and that he was not there. went on behalf of the caucus. The parliamentarian assured that between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow they will have a meeting with Martínez to ask him “for explanations about the case”.

Meanwhile, Carlomagno Chacón, secretary of the AP in Lima, indicated that Martínez, being a member of this party, cannot assume any commitment of political responsibility in this government. “As a party we do not co-govern with Castillo, our election was only to be part of constructive criticism and that there is a consensus that goes with the doctrine of the party, which does not is obviously not the case of President Castillo, due to the incompetence he had for the choice of their ministries. This is really alarming. There was no conversation with the Political Committee, which sets the party line, Congressman Martínez left in a personal capacity and is free from him, it is part of his function ”he underlined.



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