Yo La Tengo welcomes members of Natural Information Society and Mekons to New York


See YLT welcome Natural Information Society and members of The Mekons on the 7th night of their Hanukkah run.

By Nate Todd Dec 5 2021 • 10:06 AM PST

Yo La Tengo gave the penultimate concert of his Hanukkah residency at the Bowery Ballroom in New York on Saturday. Night Seven, who benefited National Alliance on Mental Illness, saw YLT host the opening act of Natural Information Society and members of the British collective The Mekons

The concert also showcased the comedic styles of Hari Kondabalu before Yo La Tengo and Natural Information Society released YLT’s set with “Green Arrow” from their 1997 album I can hear the heart beat as one. The trio went it alone on Lou Reed’s “I Can’t Stand It,” a song that dates back to Reed’s Velvet Underground days, although a version of the group did not surface until 2014.

YLT then headed to “Save Tony Orlando’s House,” “Mr. Tough,” “Did I Tell You,” and “Is That Enough” before the group once again hosted Natural Information Society on “Swing For. Life “,” The Last Days Of Disco “and” The Room Got Heavy. “The trio then delivered” False Alarm “before a cover of Angry Samoans – YLT also covered the LA punk band the night before -” Too Animalistic “who saw a sit-in from the sound engineer Dutch Worthington. YLT then offered “Drug Test“, “Upside Down” and “We’re An American Band” before the closer set, “Blue Ling Swinger”.

Yo La Tengo kicked off the encore with Bob Dylan’s “I Threw It All Away” from his 1969 album, Nashville skyline. Then the group welcomed the Mekons Jon Langford and Sally timms for a cover of “I Don’t Care” by the Ramones. The collaborators then closed the evening with arias from The Mekons catalog starting with “Dan Dare – Out of Space (It’s A Really Nice Place)”. Dan Dare was a British comic strip from which the Mekons took their name. Next is “Keep On Hoppin ‘” before a return to “Dan Dare” to close Night Seven.

Watch clips from the sit-ins and more below:

Set: Green Arrow [1], I can’t stand it, let’s save Tony Orlando’s house, Mr. Tough, I told you, is that enough, Swing For Life [1], The last days of disco [1], The part has become heavy [1], False alarm, Too animal [2], Drug test, Upside down, We are an American band, Blue Ling Swinger

Again: I threw it all away, I don’t care [3]Dan Dare – Out of Space (It’s a really cool place) [3], Keep on hoppin ‘ [3], Dan Dare – Out of Space (It’s a really cool place) [take 2] [3]


[1] – with the natural information society

[2] – with Dutch Worthington

[3] – with Jon Langford and Sally Timms of the Mekons


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