Yogi Shivan’s Psycho-Spiritual Perspectives – The Yogi Practices on World Mental Health Day

Yogi shivan is one of the most prominent gurus of ancient wisdom and Indian culture. With admirers and followers all over the world, the “practical yogi” highlights the spiritual basis of psychological health – Special World Mental Health Week.

1) Why is spirituality important for psychological health? What is a spiritual quotient for modern man?

The most important thing for mental health is to know what the mind is. It is the knowledge of the source of the spirit and its function. For such knowledge, we have to lead the ego beyond the three realms of consciousness, the subconscious and the unconscious. Meditation or introspection is the process of going beyond the mind to know the mind. The mind, which is related only to the senses, only becomes strong and energetic when it is firmly established in the ultimate truth, the soul. This is why spirituality is said to be essential for mental health.

The answer to the question of the spiritual quotient of modern man is twofold: zero and full. The spiritual quotient of the man who uses the achievements of modern science in the limited sense of me and mine alone is zero. Fear and anxiety will rule him. But the man who experiences the achievements of modern science in a spiritual consciousness will enjoy perfection and contentment.

2) As a guru who has followers on the continents, what are the basic spiritual practices for better mental well-being?

Man is a man in all corners of the globe. Ultimately, all human beings have the same characteristics, except for a few environmental differences. Therefore, it is safe for every human being to know and live by the complex rules and regulations of Mother Nature. Meditation is a way to gain a deeper understanding of the laws of nature. The practical path of meditation is yoga. The best way to achieve mental health is to eat only when you are hungry, to practice asanas as medicine, and to keep your mind in a meditative state through simple and scientific pranayama.

3) There is a disproportionate increase in suicides, alcoholism, drug addiction, family breakdown, mental illness issues in today’s world. What is the solution of a “practical yogi”?

These questions can only be answered on two levels because the first part of the question is the increase in the number of suicides, and the second is drug addiction and related problems. These are two sides of the same coin. These two problems have arisen whenever man has reached the pinnacle of material comfort.

The existence of our life depends on the subtle laws of nature. At the same time, we have the right to enjoy the senses. Sensory pleasures are experienced through sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. But the enjoyment of these pleasures can be tiring after a certain limit. Then the mind will try to experience pleasure beyond the senses. Pleasure beyond the senses is known as spiritual bliss. This ecstatic feeling is a special kind of intoxication. In spiritual language it is called Anandalahari. Anyone can enjoy this exhilaration through yoga. Those who are unable to experiment Anandalahari through yoga will try to reach it with other intoxicants. It causes devastating physical and mental problems. Those who are unable to bring the mind to a state of spiritual bliss by either of these means will find refuge in suicide.

Drunkenness is essential for modern man who is tired of enjoying all material pleasures through scientific achievement. Without a sure spiritual intoxication, he would surely become addicted to material intoxicants. The way out of this predicament is to make scientific meditation methods accessible to everyone.

4) Materialism is the dominant philosophy of the world. People are exhausting themselves in a mad race for wealth and resources. How can yogic wisdom raise their consciousness?

This is the continuation of the last question. The man who loves sensual pleasures and material gains will strive to achieve more and more and keep it under his control. He does not know why. Yet the capture will continue. Little by little, this effort turns into addiction and madness. Spiritual tradition emphasizes that material gains are momentary illusions. But the joy of the soul is eternal. The only solution to modern man’s dilemma is to make the essence of this ancient wisdom accessible to everyone. Yoga awareness is a safe and easy way to do it. The way to awaken social awareness is to convey to everyone the benefit and importance of self-knowledge.

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