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BENNINGTON – When historians look back, they could say 2021 was a year for the record books.

We started the year with an insurgency on Capitol Hill, and we’re ending it with a burgeoning omicron variant of the coronavirus.

At The Banner, we delivered many memorable stories in 2021, including the specter of gangs appearing again in Bennington County; Alec Baldwin is entrenched in Manchester, trying to dodge the paparazzi after a fatal shooting on the set of his film “Rust”; and the ongoing shenanigans of our local white supremacist, Max Misch.

In total, during the year, your visits to our website generated 3,036,233 unique pageviews.

Here are our Top 5 most read stories, as chosen by you, our readers:

1. At Old Bennington, the historic Walloomsac Inn could change hands on December 10th

In this story from veteran journalist Jim Therrien, we learn that the future Walloomsac Inn at Old Bennington, one of southern Vermont’s most recognizable and historic structures, is in the air. The recent deaths of two sisters in the Berry family, owners of the inn since it was acquired by their grandfather in the early 1900s, has raised concerns about the building’s future. The town’s historical society met earlier this month to discuss how to support any effort to restore what is considered to be Vermont’s first hotel business. “It is one of the most historic buildings in the area and it relates to the early days of Bennington,” said Donald Miller, a member of the Historical Society.

2. Pawlet Holds Contentious Tax Hearing for Daniel Banyai’s Slate Ridge Property, August 18

In this ongoing story, covered by Darren Marcy of the Manchester Journal, we find the owner of an illegal shooting range, Daniel Banyai, who comes face to face with a city official over the wearing of masks and taxes. land. Banyai has quarreled with city officials and his neighbors for nearly a year, accused city officials of treating him unfairly, and has fought with his neighbors on social media sites where he regularly uttered comments. veiled threats and intimidation tactics against them. During the hearing, officials told Banyai that it was the board’s decision that everyone should wear a mask in buildings in the city. “I do not give [expletive] about the Select Board, ”Banyai said.

3. Man faces first degree murder charge in Bennington, January 19

In what appears to be a nightmarish random murder, a man from Pownal has fatally slashed a woman in Bennington. Darren Pronto, 32, was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia, according to his sister. The assault allegedly took place at around 11:15 a.m. on a Monday along the Walloomsac River footbridge. Authorities said the victim, a 26-year-old Bennington resident, was found lying on the ground just off the catwalk with a deep cut to the throat. She had just come out of a nearby pharmacy, carrying a purse and a prescription kit.

4. Wife of local serviceman turned TikTok star asks Toby Keith to play her husband’s comeback on December 23

Banner newcomer Cheryth Youngmann reported on this local effort in neighboring New York City to get country artist Toby Keith to perform for Soldier Return. A local woman has a mission: to bring her husband home and bring country music star Toby Keith to perform on his homecoming. Tammy Schnoop’s husband Darren Schnoop is a sergeant in the Vermont National Guard and overseas on his third deployment, this time to Kosovo. Fearless, she said she would keep asking Keith to come over until she heard a response.

5. Gage Street drug house raid finds possible gang and guns, November 18

Police raided a building known for its drug-related activities and arrested six people on multiple counts of drug trafficking and conspiracy to sell heroin, fentanyl and crack . Banner reporter Michael Albans covered the story and learned that Bennington Police had been monitoring 318 Gage St. for two months. The officers observed the movement of cars and pedestrians inside and outside the residence at all times during their surveillance. Officers also saw known drug addicts visiting the residence for short periods. The raid yielded several weapons, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia and thousands of dollars in cash.

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