YouTube announces new ‘direct reply’ ad format

YouTube recently announced a new ad format that will add more action to YouTube’s ad capacity. The new ad format, called “Direct Response”, allows for searchable product images to be added to inspire the next purchase.

With the effects of the pandemic on e-commerce, consumers have taken longer to shop online, and the best way to find what to buy is through video. “With YouTube, marketers have the ability to shift budgets and invest to achieve the most important results. When businesses start to reopen, they have the ability to use video to drive actions online and offline on YouTube, where 70% of people say they’ve bought a brand after seeing it on our platform, which is why we’ve invested heavily to introduce effective video solutions that drive action, ”says Google.

Brands that want to use the new shopping format must first sync their Google Merchant Center feed with their video ads. They can change the “call to action” button on ads with their popular products to inspire consumers, and then that directs viewers to the product listings on the brand’s website.

This new format also obtained good results from the first testers. “Recently, Aerie needed to simultaneously drive brand love and omnichannel apparel sales for their Spring 2020 campaign. They used YouTube as a full funnel solution and connected with audiences most likely to. to buy. As a result, Aerie saw strong brand engagement and achieved a 25% higher return on ad spend than the previous year, with nine times the conversions compared to its traditional media mix, ”says Google .

With this new format, YouTube also announced “Video Action Campaigns” which automatically serve video ads that call-to-action on the YouTube home feed, play pages and Google video partners, all in a single campaign. “We’ve seen video action campaigns work for businesses of all sizes, including Mos, a startup that helps students raise funds for college to avoid heavy student debt. As a new company, Mos was excited to test a solution that could generate results quickly. Over the past few months, Mos has seen 30% more purchases for its service at one-third the cost compared to its previous YouTube benchmarks, ”says Google.

While the pandemic has accelerated many consumer habits, the most important is online shopping. Not only YouTube, but also other tech giants are investing a lot here. Recently, Facebook and Instagram rolled out Shops in May, to turn business profiles into online storefronts where consumers can shop directly from brands without leaving the Facebook or Instagram app and Snapchat has also expanded its dynamic ads for commerce retailers. electronics from around the world in June.

So it looks like the new and better formats for online shopping on the video side will be released quickly in the short term.

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